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a    a drink consisting of an infusion of the roasted and ground or crushed seeds of the coffee tree  
b    (as modifier)  
coffee grounds     
2      (Also called)    coffee beans   the beanlike seeds of the coffee tree, used to make this beverage  
3       short for       coffee tree  
a    a medium to dark brown colour  
b    (as adj.)  
a coffee carpet     
     (C16: from Italian caffè, from Turkish kahve, from Arabic qahwah coffee, wine)  

coffee bag  
      n   a small bag containing ground coffee beans, infused to make coffee  
coffee bar  
      n   a café; snack bar  
coffee cup  
      n   a cup from which coffee may be drunk, usually smaller than a teacup  
coffee house  
      n   a place where coffee is served, esp. one that was a fashionable meeting place in 18th-century London  
coffee mill  
      n   a machine for grinding roasted coffee beans  
coffee morning  
      n   a social event (often held in order to raise money) at which coffee is served  
coffee nut  
1    the fruit of the Kentucky coffee tree  
2       another name for       Kentucky coffee tree  
coffee shop  
      n   a shop where coffee is sold or drunk  
coffee table  
      n   a low table, on which newspapers, etc., may be placed and coffee served  
coffee-table book  
      n   a book designed to be looked at rather than read  
coffee tree  
1    any of several rubiaceous trees of the genus Coffea, esp. C. arabica, the seeds of which are used in the preparation of the beverage coffee  
2       short for       Kentucky coffee tree  
Gaelic coffee  
      n      another name for       Irish coffee  
Irish coffee  
      n   hot coffee mixed with Irish whiskey and topped with double cream  
Kentucky coffee tree  
      n   a North American leguminous tree, Gymnocladus dioica, whose seeds, in brown curved pulpy pods, were formerly used as a coffee substitute  
Turkish coffee  
      n   very strong black coffee made with finely ground coffee beans  
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coffee shop used as an office especially using internet connection with your laptop computer
new term coined in 2010, not entered yet as "official"
blend of 'British' (or Britain) and 'exit', term (initially) designating the potential departure of the United Kingdom from the European Union and since approved following a referendum on june 2016
Ex: following the general referendum on june 2016, the "leave" side in favour of Brexit won with 51.9% of the vote against 48.1% for the "remain" side.
blend of 'phone' and 'tablet', a phablet is an oversized mobile device having a screen which is intermediate between that of a typical smartphone and a tablet computer
Ex: Your phablet is a little bulky for my taste but I must admit it offers a better visual experience for Web pages than my smartphone.
blend of "brother" and "romance" used to describe a strong friendship between two males.
blend of "slacker" and "activism". Act of participating to pointless activities as a type of activism.
Signing on-line petitions or wearing bracelets against war are forms of slacktivism
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