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      vb   mainly intr  
1    also tr; often foll by: up   to go up or ascend (stairs, a mountain, etc.)  
2    often foll by: along   to progress with difficulty  
to climb along a ledge     
3    to rise to a higher point or intensity  
the temperature climbed     
4    to incline or slope upwards  
the road began to climb     
5    to ascend in social position  
6    (of plants) to grow upwards by twining, using tendrils or suckers, etc.  
7    Informal   foll by: into   to put (on) or get (into)  
8    to be a climber or mountaineer  
9    the act or an instance of climbing  
10    a place or thing to be climbed, esp. a route in mountaineering,   (Related adj)        scansorial  
     (Old English climban; related to Old Norse klembra to squeeze, Old High German climban to clamber)  
  climbable      adj  

climb down  
      vb   intr, adv  
1    to descend  
2    often foll by: from   to retreat (from an opinion, position, etc.)  
3    a retreat from an opinion, etc.  
hill climb  
      n   a competition in which motor vehicles attempt singly to ascend a steep slope as fast as possible  
monkey climb  
      n   a wrestling throw in which a contestant seizes his opponent's arms or neck, places his feet on his opponent's stomach, and falls backwards, straightening his legs and throwing the opponent over his head  
rock climb  
1    an instance of rock climbing or the route followed  
  rock-climb   intr  
2    to practise rock climbing  
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