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1    a very fine-grained material that consists of hydrated aluminium silicate, quartz, and organic fragments and occurs as sedimentary rocks, soils, and other deposits. It becomes plastic when moist but hardens on heating and is used in the manufacture of bricks, cement, ceramics, etc.  
   Related adj       figuline  
2    earth or mud in general  
3    Poetic   the material of the human body  
4    tr   to cover or mix with clay  
     (Old English clæg; related to Old High German klia, Norwegian kli, Latin glus glue, Greek gloios sticky oil)  
  clayey, clayish, claylike      adj  

boulder clay  
      n   an unstratified glacial deposit consisting of fine clay, boulders, and pebbles  
   See also       till   4  
china clay   , stone  
      n      another name for       kaolin  
1    Cassius  
   See       Muhammad Ali  
2    Henry. 1777--1852, U.S. statesman and orator; secretary of state (1825--29)  
clay court  
      n   a tennis court with a playing surface topped by a layer of crushed shale, brick, or stone  
clay mineral  
      n   any of a group of minerals consisting of hydrated aluminium silicates: the major constituents of clays  
clay pigeon  
1    a disc of baked clay hurled into the air from a machine as a target to be shot at  
2      (U.S.)  
slang   a person in a defenceless position; sitting duck  
clay road  
      n     (N.Z)   an unsealed and unmetalled road in a rural area  
fire clay  
      n   a heat-resistant clay used in the making of firebricks, furnace linings, etc.  
porcelain clay  
      n      another name for       kaolin  
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