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1    any substance used in or resulting from a reaction involving changes to atoms or molecules  
2    of or used in chemistry  
chemical balance     
3    of, made from, or using chemicals  
chemical fertilizer     
  chemically      adv  

chemical bond  
      n   a mutual attraction between two atoms resulting from a redistribution of their outer electrons  
   See also       covalent bond       electrovalent bond       coordinate bond  
chemical engineering  
      n   the branch of engineering concerned with the design, operation, maintenance, and manufacture of the plant and machinery used in industrial chemical processes  
  chemical engineer      n  
chemical equation  
      n   a representation of a chemical reaction using symbols of the elements to indicate the amount of substance, usually in moles, of each reactant and product  
chemical machining  
      n   the shaping of a metal part by controlled removal of unwanted metal by a flow of chemical solutions  
chemical potential  
      n   a thermodynamic function of a substance in a system that is the partial differential of the Gibbs function of the system with respect to the number of moles of the substance.,   (Symbol)    μ  
chemical reaction  
      n   a process that involves changes in the structure and energy content of atoms, molecules, or ions but not their nuclei  
   Compare       nuclear reaction  
chemical warfare  
      n   warfare in which chemicals other than explosives are used as weapons, esp. warfare using asphyxiating or nerve gases, poisons, defoliants, etc.  
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