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1    to make or become different; alter  
2    tr   to replace with or exchange for another  
to change one's name     
3    sometimes foll by: to or into   to transform or convert or be transformed or converted  
4    to give and receive (something) in return; interchange  
to change places with someone     
5    tr   to give or receive (money) in exchange for the equivalent sum in a smaller denomination or different currency  
6    tr   to remove or replace the coverings of  
to change a baby     
7    when intr, may be foll by into or out of   to put on other clothes  
8    intr   (of the moon) to pass from one phase to the following one  
9    to operate (the gear lever of a motor vehicle) in order to change the gear ratio  
to change gear     
10    to alight from (one bus, train, etc.) and board another  
11    change face   to rotate the telescope of a surveying instrument through 180° horizontally and vertically, taking a second sighting of the same object in order to reduce error  
12    change feet  
Informal   to put on different shoes, boots, etc.  
13    change front  
a      (Military)   to redeploy (a force in the field) so that its main weight of weapons points in another direction  
b    to alter one's attitude, opinion, etc.  
14    change hands   to pass from one owner to another  
15    change one's mind   to alter one's decision or opinion  
16    change one's tune   to alter one's attitude or tone of speech  
17    the act or fact of changing or being changed  
18    a variation, deviation, or modification  
19    the substitution of one thing for another; exchange  
20    anything that is or may be substituted for something else  
21    variety or novelty (esp. in the phrase for a change)  
I want to go to France for a change     
22    a different or fresh set, esp. of clothes  
23    money given or received in return for its equivalent in a larger denomination or in a different currency  
24    the balance of money given or received when the amount tendered is larger than the amount due  
25    coins of a small denomination regarded collectively  
26    often cap  
Archaic   a place where merchants meet to transact business; an exchange  
27    the act of passing from one state or phase to another  
28    the transition from one phase of the moon to the next  
29    the order in which a peal of bells may be rung  
30      (Sport)      short for       changeover       3b  
31    Slang   desirable or useful information  
32    Obsolete   fickleness or caprice  
33    change of heart   a profound change of outlook, opinion, etc.  
34    get no change out of (someone)  
Slang   not to be successful in attempts to exploit or extract information from (someone)  
35    ring the changes   to vary the manner or performance of an action that is often repeated,   (See also)        change down       changeover       change round       change up  
     (C13: from Old French changier, from Latin cambire to exchange, barter)  
  changeless      adj  
  changelessly      adv  
  changelessness      n  
  changer      n  

change down  
      vb   intr, adv   to select a lower gear when driving  
change of life  
      n      a nontechnical name for       menopause  
change of venue  
      n     (Law)   the removal of a trial out of one jurisdiction into another  
change point  
      n     (Surveying)   a point to which a foresight and backsight are taken in levelling; turning point  
1    the art of bell-ringing in which a set of bells is rung in an established order which is then changed  
2    variations on a topic or theme  
change round  
      vb   adv  
1    to place in or adopt a different or opposite position  
2    the act of changing to a different position  
change up  
      vb   intr, adv   to select a higher gear when driving  
loose change  
      n   money in the form of coins suitable for small expenditures  
quick-change artist  
      n   an actor or entertainer who undertakes several rapid changes of costume during his performance  
sea change  
      n   a seemingly magical change, as brought about by the action of the sea  
     (coined by Shakespeare, in Ariel's song ``Full Fathom Five'' in The Tempest (1611))  
sex change  
a    a change in a person's physical sexual characteristics to those of the opposite sex, often achieved by surgery  
b    (as modifier)  
a sex-change operation     
      vb   tr  
1    to give less than correct change to  
2    Slang   to treat unfairly or dishonestly, esp. by giving less than is deserved or expected  
  short-changer      n  
small change  
1    coins, esp. those of low value  
2    a person or thing that is not outstanding or important  
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change something into something better
Jesus can fanute water into wine.
expression meaning "things never change"
When something is 'in the air', it means something exciting or significant is taking place or about to happen. Ex.: Spring is in the air - it's time for change!
a website that did not undergo any change for a long period of time
the point where a minor change turns into a major and irreversible one
[Bus.] E.g. : Some have anticipated that social media would be the tipping point of web marketing.
means a different approach or a welcome change to something. Ex.: anna has lots of wonderful ideas and motivation - she is a breath of fresh air.
expression used for warning that, although something seems to be over, settled, new events that could change the situation may occur
syn.: "it ain't over till it's over"
keep informed of changes
"Please, keep me posted on your project`s progress."
is a test process that is performed after the software has been changed in order to verify if the changes didn't affect other software parts
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