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1    a flexible length of metal links, used for confining, connecting, pulling, etc., or in jewellery  
2    usually pl   anything that confines, fetters, or restrains  
the chains of poverty     
3    usually pl     (Also called)    snow chains   a set of metal links that fit over the tyre of a motor vehicle to increase traction and reduce skidding on an icy surface  
a    a number of establishments such as hotels, shops, etc., having the same owner or management  
b    (as modifier)  
a chain store     
5    a series of related or connected facts, events, etc.  
6    (of reasoning) a sequence of arguments each of which takes the conclusion of the preceding as a premise  
   See (as an example)       sorites  
7      (Also called)    Gunters chain   a unit of length equal to 22 yards  
8      (Also called)    engineers chain   a unit of length equal to 100 feet  
9      (Chem)   two or more atoms or groups bonded together so that the configuration of the resulting molecule, ion, or radical resembles a chain  
   See also       open chain       ring   1       18  
10      (Geography)   a series of natural features, esp. approximately parallel mountain ranges  
11    off the chain     (Austral. and N.Z.)  
informal   free from responsibility  
12      (Surveying)   to measure with a chain or tape  
13    tr; often foll by: up   to confine, tie, or make fast with or as if with a chain  
14       short for       chain-stitch  
     (C13: from Old French chaine, ultimately from Latin; see catena)  

      n   (in the Caribbean) a large chain necklace with a central pendant: usually worn with a dashiki by men  
ball and chain  
1    (formerly) a heavy iron ball attached to a chain and fastened to a prisoner  
2    a heavy restraint  
3    Slang   one's wife  
bicycle chain  
      n   a chain that transmits power from the pedals to the rear wheel of a bicycle  
branched chain  
      n     (Chem)   an open chain of atoms with one or more side chains attached to it  
   Compare       straight chain  
      n   Sir Ernst Boris. 1906--79, British biochemist, born in Germany: purified and adapted penicillin for clinical use; with Fleming and Florey shared the Nobel prize for physiology or medicine 1945  
chain drive  
      n     (Engineering)   a chain of links passing over sprockets that transmits rotation from one shaft to another  
chain gang  
      n     (U.S)   a group of convicted prisoners chained together, usually while doing hard labour  
chain grate  
      n   a type of mechanical stoker for a furnace, in which the grate consists of an endless chain that draws the solid fuel into the furnace as it rotates  
chain letter  
      n   a letter, often with a request for and promise of money, that is sent to many people who add to or recopy it and send it on to others: illegal in many countries  
chain lightning  
      n      another name for       forked lightning  
chain mail  
      n      another term for       mail   2       1  
chain printer  
      n   a line printer in which the type is on a continuous chain, used to print computer output  
      vb   intr   to undergo a chain reaction  
chain reaction  
1    a process in which a neutron colliding with an atomic nucleus causes fission and the ejection of one or more other neutrons, which induce other nuclei to split  
2    a chemical reaction in which the product of one step is a reactant in the following step  
3    a series of rapidly occurring events, each of which precipitates the next  
chain rule  
      n     (Maths)   a theorem that may be used in the differentiation of the function of a function. It states that du/dx = (du/dy)(dy/dx), where y is a function of x and u a function of y  
chain saw  
      n   a motor-driven saw, usually portable, in which the cutting teeth form links in a continuous chain  
chain shot  
      n   cannon shot comprising two balls or half balls joined by a chain, much used formerly, esp. in naval warfare to destroy rigging  
      vb   to smoke (cigarettes, etc.) continually, esp. lighting one from the preceding one  
  chain smoker      n  
chain stitch  
1    an ornamental looped embroidery stitch resembling the links of a chain  
2    to sew (something) with this stitch  
chain store  
      n   one of several retail enterprises under the same ownership and management,   (Also called)    multiple store  
chain wheel  
      n     (Engineering)   a toothed wheel that meshes with a roller chain to transmit motion  
choke chain  
      n   a collar and lead for a dog so designed that if the dog drags on the lead the collar tightens round its neck  
closed chain  
      n     (Chem)      another name for       ring   1       18  
daisy chain  
      n   a garland made, esp. by children, by threading daisies together  
driving chain  
      n     (Engineering)   a roller chain that transmits power from one toothed wheel to another,   (Also called)    drive chain  
duplex chain  
      n     (Engineering)   a roller chain having two sets of rollers linked together, used for heavy-duty applications  
food chain  
      n     (Ecology)   a series of organisms in a community, each member of which feeds on another in the chain and is eaten in turn by another member  
golden chain  
      n      another name for       laburnum  
grand chain  
      n   a figure in formation dances, such as the lancers and Scottish reels, in which couples split up and move around in a circle in opposite directions, passing all other dancers until reaching their original partners  
Gunter's chain  
      n     (Surveying)   a measuring chain 22 yards in length, or this length as a unit  
   See       chain       7  
     (C17: named after E. Gunter)  
heavy chain  
      n     (Immunol)   a type of polypeptide chain present in an immunoglobulin molecule  
learner's chain  
      n     (N.Z.)   an inexperienced team of slaughtermen working in a freezing works  
      adj     (Chem)   having a relatively long chain of atoms in the molecule  
Markov chain  
      n     (Statistics)   a sequence of events the probability for each of which is dependent only on the event immediately preceding it  
     (C20: named after Andrei Markov (1856--1922), Russian mathematician)  
mountain chain  
      n   a series of ranges of mountains  
open chain  
      n   a chain of atoms in a molecule that is not joined at its ends into the form of a ring  
roller chain  
      n     (Engineering)   a chain for transmitting power in which each link consists of two free-moving rollers held in position by pins connected to sideplates  
safety chain  
      n   a chain on the fastening of a bracelet, watch, etc., to ensure that it cannot open enough to fall off accidentally,   (Also called)    guard  
side chain  
      n     (Chem)   a group of atoms bound to an atom, usually a carbon, that forms part of a larger chain or ring in a molecule  
snigging chain  
      n     (Austral. and N.Z)   a chain attached to a log when being hauled out of the bush  
straight chain  
a    an open chain of atoms in a molecule with no attached side chains  
b    (as modifier)  
a straight-chain hydrocarbon        (Compare)        branched chain  
supply chain  
      n     (Marketing)   a channel of distribution beginning with the supplier of materials or components, extending through a manufacturing process to the distributor and retailer, and ultimately to the consumer  
surveyor's chain  
      n   a measuring chain 22 yards in length; Gunter's chain  
   See       chain       7  
watch chain  
      n   a chain used for fastening a pocket watch to the clothing  
   See also       fob   1  
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Emergency Medical Services - Polysemic Term used in USA and UK for Prehospital Emergency Services and other countries as the whole chain from Emergency Call to Hospital Intensive Care services.
Care Traduction difficulty !
used to point out that small problems or unpleasant events can in the end help things get better
expression used for warning that, although something seems to be over, settled, new events that could change the situation may occur
syn.: "it ain't over till it's over"
partner during an event
E.g.: Tom will be her plus one to the party.
be negatively impacted by a situation, event.
E.g.: The building is being renovated, but for the moment people living there get the short end of the stick.
give credit to; to say an event caused something else.
Eg.: I attribute my illness to my friend who coughed at me.
be the most affected by a unpleasant situation; be considered the main responsible for a negative event
E.g.: If the deadline is not met, the production department will bear the brunt
expression used for letting someone know that he/she should prepare for a difficult or unpleasant upcoming event
wait for something, usually linked to a previous event, to happen; expect something that can not be avoided to happen
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