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1    an official document attesting the truth of the facts stated, as of birth, marital status, death, health, completion of an academic course, ability to practise a profession, etc.  
2       short for       share certificate  
3    tr   to authorize by or present with an official document  
     (C15: from Old French certificat, from certifier certify)  
  certificatory      adj  

birth certificate  
      n   an official form giving details of the time and place of a person's birth, and his or her name, sex, mother's name and (usually) father's name  
certificate of deposit  
      n   a negotiable certificate issued by a bank in return for a deposit of money for a term of up to five years,   (Abbrev.)    CD  
certificate of incorporation  
      n     (Company law)   a signed statement that a company is duly incorporated  
certificate of origin  
      n   a document stating the name of the country that produced a specified shipment of goods: often required before importation of goods  
Certificate of Secondary Education  
      n      See       CSE  
certificate of unruliness  
      n   (in Britain) the decision of a juvenile court that a young person on remand is too unmanageable for local-authority care and should be taken into custody  
death certificate  
      n   a legal document issued by a qualified medical practitioner certifying the death of a person and stating the cause if known  
General Certificate of Education  
      n      See       GCE  
General Certificate of Secondary Education  
      n      See       GCSE  
gold certificate  
      n     (in the U.S.)  
1    a currency note issued exclusively to the Federal Reserve Banks by the U.S. Treasury. It forms a claim on gold reserves deposited by the Federal Reserve Banks at the Treasury and is used to transfer interbank balances within the Federal Reserve System  
2      (Also called)    gold note   (formerly) a banknote issued by the U.S. Treasury to the public and redeemable in gold  
industrial development certificate  
      n   (in Britain) a certificate issued by the Department of the Environment to an industrial organization wishing to build or extend a factory, which has to accompany an application for planning permission,   (Abbrev.)    IDC  
medical certificate  
1    a document stating the result of a satisfactory medical examination  
2    a doctor's certificate giving evidence of a person's unfitness for work  
School Certificate  
      n   (in England and Wales between 1917 and 1951 and currently in New Zealand) a certificate awarded to school pupils who pass a public examination: the equivalent of O level,   (Abbrev.)    SC  
Scottish Certificate of Education  
      n      See       SCE  
share certificate  
      n   a document issued by a company certifying ownership of one or more of its shares,   (U.S. equivalent)    stock certificate  
silver certificate  
      n   (formerly) a banknote issued by the U.S. Treasury to the public and redeemable in silver  
stock certificate  
      n      the U.S. equivalent of       share certificate  
treasury certificate  
      n   a short-term obligation issued by the U.S. Treasury, maturing in 12 months with interest payable by coupon redemption  
unruly certificate  
      n      an informal name for       certificate of unruliness  
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