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  (U.S. also)  
1    of or relating to the cerebrum or to the entire brain  
2    involving intelligence rather than emotions or instinct  
3      (Phonetics)      another word for       cacuminal  
4      (Phonetics)   a consonant articulated in the manner of a cacuminal consonant  
  cerebrally      adv  

cerebral dominance  
      n   the normal tendency for one half of the brain, usually the left cerebral hemisphere in right-handed people, to exercise more control over certain functions (e.g. handedness and language) than the other  
cerebral haemorrhage  
      n   bleeding from an artery in the brain, which in severe cases causes a stroke  
cerebral hemisphere  
      n   either half of the cerebrum  
cerebral palsy  
      n   a nonprogressive impairment of muscular function and weakness of the limbs, caused by lack of oxygen to the brain immediately after birth, brain injury during birth, or viral infection  
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percusion musical instrument without membrane
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