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1    happening by accident or chance  
a casual meeting     
2    offhand; not premeditated  
a casual remark     
3    shallow or superficial  
a casual affair     
4    being or seeming unconcerned or apathetic  
he assumed a casual attitude     
5    (esp. of dress) for informal wear  
a casual coat     
6    occasional or irregular  
casual visits, a casual labourer     
7      (Biology)      another term for       adventive  
8    usually pl   an informal article of clothing or footwear  
9    an occasional worker  
10      (Biology)      another term for an       adventive  
11    usually pl   a young man dressed in expensive casual clothes who goes to football matches in order to start fights  
     (C14: from Late Latin casualis happening by chance, from Latin casus event, from cadere to fall; see case1)  
  casually      adv  
  casualness      n  
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