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1    a person, thing, or organization employed to carry goods, passengers, etc.  
2    a mechanism by which something is carried or moved, such as a device for transmitting rotation from the faceplate of a lathe to the workpiece  
3      (Pathol)      another name for       vector       3  
4      (Pathol)   a person or animal that, without having any symptoms of a disease, is capable of transmitting it to others  
5      (Also called)    charge carrier     (Physics)   an electron or hole that carries the charge in a conductor or semiconductor  
6       short for       carrier wave  
7      (Chem)  
a    the inert solid on which a dyestuff is adsorbed in forming a lake  
b    a substance, such as kieselguhr or asbestos, used to support a catalyst  
c    an inactive substance containing a radioisotope used in radioactive tracing  
d    an inert gas used to transport the sample through a gas-chromatography column  
e    a catalyst that effects the transfer of an atom or group from one molecule to another  
8       See       aircraft carrier  
9    a breed of domestic fancy pigeon having a large walnut-shaped wattle over the beak; a distinct variety of pigeon from the homing or carrier pigeon  
   See also       carrier pigeon  
10       a U.S. name for       roof rack  

aircraft carrier  
      n   a warship built with an extensive flat deck space for the launch and recovery of aircraft  
bulk carrier  
      n   a ship that carries unpackaged cargo, usually consisting of a single dry commodity, such as coal or grain,   (Also called)    bulker  
carrier bag  
      n     (Brit)   a large paper or plastic bag for carrying shopping  
carrier pigeon  
      n   any homing pigeon, esp. one used for carrying messages  
carrier wave  
      n     (Radio)   a wave of fixed amplitude and frequency that is modulated in amplitude, frequency, or phase in order to carry a signal in radio transmission, etc.  
   See       amplitude modulation       frequency modulation  
charge carrier  
      n   an electron, hole, or ion that transports the electric charge in an electric current  
common carrier  
      n   a person or firm engaged in the business of transporting goods or passengers  
hod carrier  
      n   a labourer who carries the materials in a hod for a plasterer, bricklayer, etc.,   (Also called)    hodman  
majority carrier  
      n   the entity responsible for carrying the greater part of the current in a semiconductor. In n-type semiconductors the majority carriers are electrons; in p-type semiconductors they are positively charged holes  
   Compare       minority carrier  
minority carrier  
      n   the entity responsible for carrying the lesser part of the current in a semiconductor  
   Compare       majority carrier  
people carrier  
      n      another name for       multipurpose vehicle  
suppressed carrier modulation  
      n     (Radio)   an amplitude-modulated wave in which only the sidebands are transmitted, the carrier being removed  
troop carrier  
      n   a vehicle, aircraft, or ship designed for the carriage of troops  
ultralarge crude carrier  
      n     (Oil industry)   an oil tanker with a capacity of over 400000 tons  
Water Carrier   , Bearer  
      n   the. the constellation Aquarius, the 11th sign of the zodiac  
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