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Taboo slang  
1    exaggerated or foolish talk; nonsense  
2    (in the British Army) exaggerated zeal, esp. for ceremonial drill, cleaning, polishing, etc,   (Usually shortened to)    bull         
      vb   , -shits, -shitting, -shitted  
3    intr   to talk in an exaggerated or foolish manner  
   bullshitter             n  

American pit bull terrier  
      n      another name for       pit bull terrier  
bull   [1]  
1    any male bovine animal, esp. one that is sexually mature  
   Related adj       taurine  
2    the uncastrated adult male of any breed of domestic cattle  
3    the male of various other animals including the elephant and whale  
4    a very large, strong, or aggressive person  
5      (Stock Exchange)  
a    a speculator who buys in anticipation of rising prices in order to make a profit on resale  
b    (as modifier)  
a bull market         Compare       bear   1       5  
6      (Chiefly Brit)      short for       bull's-eye       1, 2  
7    Slang      short for       bullshit  
8       short for       bulldog       bull terrier  
9    a bull in a china shop   a clumsy person  
10    shoot the bull     (U.S. and Canadian)  
a    to pass time talking lightly  
b    to boast or exaggerate  
11    take the bull by the horns   to face and tackle a difficulty without shirking  
12    male; masculine  
a bull elephant     
13    large; strong  
14    tr   to raise or attempt to raise the price or prices of (a stock market or a security) by speculative buying  
15    intr   (of a cow) to be on heat  
16    intr     (U.S.)  
slang   to talk lightly or foolishly  
     (Old English bula, from Old Norse boli; related to Middle Low German bulle, Middle Dutch bolle)  
bull   [2]  
      n   a ludicrously self-contradictory or inconsistent statement,   (Also called)    Irish bull  
     (C17: of uncertain origin)  
bull   [3]  
      n   a formal document issued by the pope, written in antiquated characters and often sealed with a leaden bulla  
     (C13: from Medieval Latin bulla seal attached to a bull, from Latin: round object)  
Bull   [1]  
      n   the. the constellation Taurus, the second sign of the zodiac  
Bull   [2]  
1    John. 1563--1628, English composer and organist  
2       See        John Bull         
      abbrev. for   bulletin  
bull bars  
      pl n   a large protective metal grille on the front of some vehicles, esp. four-wheel-drive vehicles  
bull dust  
      n     (Austral)  
1    fine dust  
2    Slang   nonsense  
bull dyke  
Slang   a lesbian who is markedly masculine  
      adj   blindly obstinate; stubborn, headstrong, or stupid  
  bull-headedly      adv  
  bull-headedness      n  
bull kelp  
      n   any of various large brown seaweeds of Pacific and Antarctic waters  
bull mastiff  
      n   a large powerful breed of dog with a short usually fawn or brindle coat, developed by crossing the bulldog with the mastiff  
      adj   having a short thick neck  
bull nose  
1    a disease of pigs caused by infection with the bacterium Actinomyces necrophorus, characterized by swelling of the snout  
2    a rounded edge of a brick, step, etc.  
3    a rounded exterior angle, as where two walls meet  
      adj   having a rounded end  
Bull Run  
      n   Battles of. two battles fought at Manassas Junction near a stream named Bull Run, during the American Civil War (July, 1861 and August, 1862), in both of which the Federal army was routed by the Confederates,   (Also called)    First and Second Manassas      See also       Manassas  
bull session  
Informal     (chiefly U.S. and Canadian)   an informal discussion, often among men  
     (C20: from bull2)  
1    the small central disc of a target, usually the highest valued area  
2    a shot hitting this  
3    Informal   something that exactly achieves its aim  
4    a small circular or oval window or opening  
5    a thick disc of glass set into a ship's deck, etc., to admit light  
6    the glass boss at the centre of a sheet of blown glass  
a    a small thick plano-convex lens used as a condenser  
b    a lamp or lantern containing such a lens  
8    a peppermint-flavoured, usually striped, boiled sweet  
9      (Nautical)   a circular or oval wooden block with a groove around it for the strop of a shroud and a hole at its centre for a line  
   Compare       deadeye  
10      (Meteorol)   the eye or centre of a cyclone  
bull snake  
      n   any burrowing North American nonvenomous colubrid snake of the genus Pituophis, typically having yellow and brown markings,   (Also called)    gopher snake  
bull's wool  
      n     (Austral. and N.Z.)  
informal   nonsense  
bull terrier  
      n   a breed of terrier having a muscular body and thick neck, with a short smooth often white coat: developed by crossing the bulldog with various terriers  
   See also       pit bull terrier       Staffordshire bull terrier  
bull tongue  
      n     (Chiefly U.S)  
1    a heavy plough used in growing cotton, having an almost vertical mouldboard  
2    a plough or cultivator with a single shovel  
bull trout  
      n   any large trout, esp. the salmon trout  
cock-and-bull story  
Informal   an obviously improbable story, esp. a boastful one or one used as an excuse  
Irish bull  
      n   a ludicrously illogical statement  
   See also       bull   2  
John Bull  
1    a personification of England or the English people  
2    a typical Englishman  
     (C18: name of a character intended to be representative of the English nation in The History of John Bull (1712) by John Arbuthnot)  
  John Bullish      adj  
  John Bullishness      n  
  John Bullism      n  
pit bull terrier  
      n   a dog resembling the Staffordshire bull terrier but somewhat larger: developed for dog-fighting; it is not recognized by kennel clubs,   (Also called)    American pit bull terrier  
Sitting Bull  
      n   Indian name Tatanka Yotanka. ?1831--90, American Indian chief of the Teton Dakota Sioux. Resisting White encroachment on his people's hunting grounds, he led the Sioux tribes against the U.S. Army in the Sioux War (1876--77) in which Custer was killed. The hunger of the Sioux, whose food came from the diminishing buffalo, forced his surrender (1881). He was killed during renewed strife  
Staffordshire bull terrier  
      n   a breed of smooth-coated terrier with a stocky frame and generally a pied or brindled coat  
   See also       bull terrier  
stale bull  
      n     (Business)   a dealer or speculator who holds unsold commodities after a rise in market prices but who cannot trade because there are no buyers at the new levels and because his financial commitments prevent him from making further purchases  
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