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1    a rounded organ of vegetative reproduction in plants such as the tulip and onion: a flattened stem bearing a central shoot surrounded by fleshy nutritive inner leaves and thin brown outer leaves  
   Compare       corm  
2    a plant, such as a hyacinth or daffodil, that grows from a bulb  
3       See       light bulb  
4    a rounded part of an instrument such as a syringe or thermometer  
5      (Anatomy)   a rounded expansion of a cylindrical organ or part, such as the medulla oblongata  
6      (Also called)    bulbous bow   a bulbous protuberance at the forefoot of a ship to reduce turbulence  
     (C16: from Latin bulbus, from Greek bolbos onion)  

bulb fly  
      n   a hoverfly the larvae of which live in bulbs and can become serious pests, esp. the yellow and black narcissus bulb fly (Meridon equestris)  
bulb mite  
      n   a widespread mite, Rhizaglophus eclinops, that tunnels in the bulbs of lilies and other plants  
dry-bulb thermometer  
      n   an ordinary thermometer used alongside a wet-bulb thermometer to obtain relative humidity  
   See also       psychrometer  
light bulb  
      n   a glass bulb containing a gas, such as argon or nitrogen, at low pressure and enclosing a thin metal filament that emits light when an electric current is passed through it,   (Sometimes shortened to)    bulb  
olfactory bulb  
      n   the anterior and slightly enlarged end of the olfactory tract, from which the cranial nerves concerned with the sense of smell originate  
wet-and-dry-bulb thermometer  
      n      another name for       psychrometer  
wet-bulb thermometer  
      n   a thermometer the bulb of which is covered by a moist muslin bag, used together with a dry-bulb thermometer to measure humidity  
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