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1       the past tense and past participle of       bind  
2    in bonds or chains; tied with or as if with a rope  
a bound prisoner     
3    in combination   restricted; confined  
housebound, fogbound     
4    postpositive, foll by an infinitive   destined; sure; certain  
it's bound to happen     
5    postpositive, often foll by: by   compelled or obliged to act, behave, or think in a particular way, as by duty, circumstance, or convention  
6    (of a book) secured within a cover or binding  
to deliver bound books         See also       half-bound  
7    postpositive, foll by: on     (U.S.)   resolved; determined  
bound on winning     
8      (Linguistics)  
a    denoting a morpheme, such as the prefix non-, that occurs only as part of another word and not as a separate word in itself  
   Compare       free       21  
b    (in systemic grammar) denoting a clause that has a nonfinite predicator or that is introduced by a binder, and that occurs only together with a freestanding clause  
9      (Logic)   (of a variable) occurring within the scope of a quantifier that indicates the degree of generality of the open sentence in which the variable occurs: in (x) (Fx <arrow> bxy), x is bound and y is free  
   Compare       free       22  
10    bound up with   closely or inextricably linked with  
his irritability is bound up with his work     
11    I'll be bound   I am sure (something) is true  
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