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,   (archaic)   biologic  
1    of or relating to biology  
2    (of a detergent) containing enzymes said to be capable of removing stains of organic origin from items to be washed  
3    usually pl   a drug, such as a vaccine, that is derived from a living organism  
  biologically      adv  

biological clock  
1    an inherent periodicity in the physiological processes of living organisms that is not dependent on the periodicity of external factors  
2    the hypothetical mechanism responsible for this periodicity,   (See also)        circadian  
biological control  
      n   the control of destructive organisms by nonchemical means, such as introducing a natural predator of the pest  
biological shield  
      n   a protective shield impervious to radiation, esp. the thick concrete wall surrounding the core of a nuclear reactor  
biological warfare  
      n   the use of living organisms or their toxic products to induce death or incapacity in humans and animals and damage to plant crops, etc.,   (Abbrev.)    BW  
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