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bill of exchange


      n   (now chiefly in foreign transactions) a document, usually negotiable, containing an instruction to a third party to pay a stated sum of money at a designated future date or on demand  
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bill   [1]  
1    money owed for goods or services supplied  
an electricity bill     
2    a written or printed account or statement of money owed  
3      (Chiefly Brit)   such an account for food and drink in a restaurant, hotel, etc,   (Usual U.S. and Canadian word)    check  
4    any printed or written list of items, events, etc., such as a theatre programme  
who's on the bill tonight?     
5    fit or fill the bill  
Informal   to serve or perform adequately  
6    a statute in draft, before it becomes law  
7    a printed notice or advertisement; poster  
8      (U.S. and Canadian)   a piece of paper money; note  
9       an obsolete name for       promissory note  
10      (Law)      See       bill of indictment  
11       See       bill of exchange  
12       See       bill of fare  
13    Archaic   any document  
      vb   tr  
14    to send or present an account for payment to (a person)  
15    to enter (items, goods, etc.) on an account or statement  
16    to advertise by posters  
17    to schedule as a future programme  
the play is billed for next week     
     (C14: from Anglo-Latin billa, alteration of Late Latin bulla document, bull3)  

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1    account, charges, invoice, note of charge, reckoning, score, statement, tally  
2    advertisement, broadsheet, bulletin, circular, handbill, handout, leaflet, notice, placard, playbill, poster  
3    agenda, card, catalogue, inventory, list, listing, programme, roster, schedule, syllabus  
4    measure, piece of legislation, projected law, proposal  
5    charge, debit, figure, invoice, reckon, record  
6    advertise, announce, give advance notice of, post  

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used also as an adjective to suggest that something is suitable for a romantic experience: bill and coo hotel; bill and coo restaurant
booklet, brochure, catalogue, details of bill
A prostitute who exchanges sexual favors for crack cocaine instead of money.


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