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a    the act of a person or thing that makes or the process of being made  
b    (in combination)  
2    be the making of   to cause the success of  
3    in the making   in the process of becoming or being made  
a politician in the making     
4    something made or the quantity of something made at one time  
5    make-up; composition  

cringe-making   , cringeworthy  
      adj     (Brit)  
informal   causing feelings of acute embarrassment or distaste  
      adj   of great importance; momentous  
non-profit-making   ,   (often U.S.)   nonprofit  
      adj   not yielding a profit, esp. because organized or established for some other reason  
a non-profit-making organization     
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fear of going to bed
the act of pushing one's face in between two ample breasts, and rocking one's head side to side very rapidly while making a vigorous, lip-vibrating "brrr" sound
Someone (usually a young man) who tries unsuccessfully to be funny by making lame jokes and doing stupid things
US English, colloquial
a water-storage area making the surrounding region fertile, or providing a city with its water supply.


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