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1    a long thick straight-sided piece of wood, metal, concrete, etc., esp. one used as a horizontal structural member  
2    any rigid member or structure that is loaded transversely  
3    the breadth of a ship or boat taken at its widest part, usually amidships  
4    a ray or column of light, as from a beacon  
5    a broad smile  
6    one of the two cylindrical rollers on a loom, one of which holds the warp threads before weaving, the other the finished work  
7    the main stem of a deer's antler from which the smaller branches grow  
8    the central shaft of a plough to which all the main parts are attached  
9    a narrow unidirectional flow of electromagnetic radiation or particles  
a beam of light, an electron beam     
10    the horizontal centrally pivoted bar in a balance  
11    Informal   the width of the hips (esp. in the phrase broad in the beam)  
12    a beam in one's eye   a fault or grave error greater in oneself than in another person  
13    off (the) beam  
a    not following a radio beam to maintain a course  
b    Informal   wrong, mistaken, or irrelevant  
14    on the beam  
a    following a radio beam to maintain a course  
b      (Nautical)   opposite the beam of a vessel; abeam  
c    Informal   correct, relevant, or appropriate  
15    to send out or radiate (rays of light)  
16    tr   to divert or aim (a radio signal or broadcast, light, etc.) in a certain direction  
to beam a programme to Tokyo     
17    intr   to smile broadly with pleasure or satisfaction  
     (Old English beam; related to Gothic bagms tree, Old High German boum tree)  
  beamed      adj  
   beaming             adj, n  
  beamless      adj  
  beamlike      adj  
  beamy      adj  

beam aerial  
      n   an aerial system, such as a Yagi aerial, having directional properties,   (Also called (esp. U.S.))    beam antenna  
beam compass  
      n   an instrument for drawing large circles or arcs, consisting of a horizontal beam along which two vertical legs slide,   (Also called)    trammel  
      pl n  
1    the ends of a vessel's beams  
2    on her beam-ends   (of a vessel) heeled over through an angle of 90°  
3    on one's beam-ends  
a    out of resources; destitute  
b    desperate  
beam engine  
      n   an early type of steam engine, in which a pivoted beam is vibrated by a vertical steam cylinder at one end, so that it transmits motion to the workload, such as a pump, at the other end  
beam hole  
      n   a hole in the shield of a nuclear reactor through which a beam of radiation, esp. of neutrons, is allowed to escape for experimental purposes  
beam riding  
      n   a method of missile guidance in which the missile steers itself along the axis of a conically scanned microwave beam  
  beam rider      n  
beam splitter  
      n   a system that divides a beam of light, electrons, etc., into two or more paths  
box beam  
      n      another name for       box girder  
deck beam  
      n     (Nautical)   a stiffening deck member supported at its extremities by knee connections to frames or bulkheads  
hammer beam  
      n   either of a pair of short horizontal beams that project from opposite walls to support arched braces and struts  
      n   a rolled steel joist or girder with a cross section in the form of a capital letter H  
   Compare       I-beam  
      n   a rolled steel joist or a girder with a cross section in the form of a capital letter I  
   Compare       H-beam  
landing beam  
      n   a radio beam transmitted from a landing field to enable aircraft to make an instrument landing  
molecular beam   , ray  
      n     (Physics)   a parallel beam of atoms or molecules that are at low pressure and suffer no interatomic or intermolecular collisions  
particle beam  
1    a stream of energized particles produced by a particle accelerator  
2    such a stream emitted by a particle beam weapon  
particle beam weapon  
      n   a weapon that fires particle beams into the atmosphere or space  
radio beam  
      n   a narrow beam of radio signals transmitted by a radio or radar beacon, radio telescope, or some other directional aerial, used for communications, navigation, etc,   (Sometimes shortened to)    beam  
      adj   (esp. of a car headlight) having a lens and prefocused reflector sealed in the lamp vacuum  
tie beam  
      n   a horizontal beam that serves to prevent two other structural members from separating, esp. one that connects two corresponding rafters in a roof or roof truss  
universal beam  
      n   a broad-flanged rolled steel joist suitable for a stanchion (axial load) or beam (bending load)  
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Collaborative Dictionary     English Definition
representation of a facial expression composed with various combinations of keyboard characters used to convey the writer's feelings or intended tone in electronic communication. For exemple, :-) represents a smile.
[Internet] Ex: When they e-mail, people have a growing tendency to use emoticons as a fun way to relay the tone of their messages
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