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1    a fight between large armed forces; military or naval engagement; combat  
2    conflict; contention; struggle  

his battle for recognition

3    do, give, or join battle   to start fighting  
4    when intr, often foll by: against, for or with   to fight in or as if in military combat; contend (with)  
she battled against cancer     
5    to struggle in order to achieve something or arrive somewhere  
he battled through the crowd     
6    intr     (Austral)   to scrape a living, esp. by doing odd jobs  
     (C13: from Old French bataile, from Late Latin battalia exercises performed by soldiers, from battuere to beat)  
  battler      n  

Battle   [1]  
      n   a town in SE England, in East Sussex: site of the Battle of Hastings (1066); medieval abbey. Pop.: 5234 (1991)  
Battle   [2]  
      n   Kathleen. born 1948, U.S. opera singer: a coloratura soprano, she made her professional debut in 1972 and sang with New York City's Metropolitan Opera (1977--94)  
1    (formerly) a large broad-headed axe  
2    Informal   an argumentative domineering woman  
battle-axe block  
      n     (Austral)   a block of land behind another, with access from the street through a narrow drive  
battle cruiser  
      n   a warship of battleship size but with lighter armour and fewer guns and capable of high speed  
battle cry  
1    a shout uttered by soldiers going into battle  
2    a slogan used to rally the supporters of a campaign, movement, etc.  
battle fatigue  
      n     (Psychol)   a type of mental disorder, characterized by anxiety, depression, and loss of motivation, caused by the stress of active warfare,   (Also called)    combat fatigue      See also       shell shock  
battle line  
1    the line along which troops are positioned for battle  
2    the battle lines are drawn   conflict or argument is about to occur between opposing people or groups  
Battle of Britain  
      n   the. from August to October 1940, the prolonged bombing of S England by the German Luftwaffe and the successful resistance by the RAF Fighter Command, which put an end to the German plan of invading Britain  
Battle of the Atlantic  
      n   the struggle for control of the sea routes around the United Kingdom during World War II, esp. 1940--43  
battle royal  
1    a fight, esp. with fists or cudgels, involving more than two combatants; melee  
2    a long violent argument  
line of battle  
      n   a formation adopted by a military or naval force when preparing for action  
pitched battle  
1    a battle ensuing from the deliberate choice of time and place, engaging all the planned resources  
2    any fierce encounter, esp. one with large numbers  
trial by battle   , trial by combat  
      n     (History)   a method of trying an accused person or of settling a dispute by a personal fight between the two parties involved or, in some circumstances, their permitted champions, in the presence of a judge. It was introduced to England after the Norman Conquest and abolished in 1819  
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