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1    an institution offering certain financial services, such as the safekeeping of money, conversion of domestic into and from foreign currencies, lending of money at interest, and acceptance of bills of exchange  
2    the building used by such an institution  
3    a small container used at home for keeping money  
4    the funds held by a gaming house or a banker or dealer in some gambling games  
5      (in various games)  
a    the stock, as of money, pieces, tokens, etc., on which players may draw  
b    the player holding this stock  
6    any supply, store, or reserve, for future use  
a data bank, a blood bank     
7    tr   to deposit (cash, cheques, etc.) in a bank  
8    intr   to transact business with a bank  
9    intr   to engage in the business of banking  
10    intr   to hold the bank in some gambling games,   (See also)        bank on  
     (C15: probably from Italian banca bench, moneychanger's table, of Germanic origin; compare Old High German banc bench)  
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to collapse
unconventional monetary policy used by central banks to stimulate the national economy when conventional monetary policy has become ineffective.


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