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1    the typical or normal amount, quality, degree, etc.  
above average in intelligence     
2      (Also called)    arithmetic mean   the result obtained by adding the numbers or quantities in a set and dividing the total by the number of members in the set  
the average of 3, 4, and 8 is 5     
3    (of a continuously variable ratio, such as speed) the quotient of the differences between the initial and final values of the two quantities that make up the ratio  
his average over the journey was 30 miles per hour     
4      (Maritime law)  
a    a loss incurred or damage suffered by a ship or its cargo at sea  
b    the equitable apportionment of such loss among the interested parties  
5    often pl     (Stock Exchange)   a simple or weighted average of the prices of a selected group of securities computed in order to facilitate market comparisons  
6    on (the or an) average   usually; typically  
on average, he goes twice a week     
7    usual or typical  
8    mediocre or inferior  
his performance was only average     
9    constituting a numerical average  
the average age, an average speed     
10    approximately typical of a range of values  
the average contents of a matchbox     
11    tr   to obtain or estimate a numerical average of  
12    tr   to assess the general quality of  
13    tr   to perform or receive a typical number of  
to average eight hours' work a day     
14    tr   to divide up proportionately  
they averaged the profits among the staff     
15    tr   to amount to or be on average  
the children averaged 15 years of age     
16    intr     (Stock Exchange)   to purchase additional securities in a holding whose price has fallen (average down) or risen (average up) in anticipation of a speculative profit after further increases in price  
     (C15 averay loss arising from damage to ships or cargoes (shared equitably among all concerned, hence the modern sense), from Old Italian avaria, ultimately from Arabic awar damage, blemish)  
  averagely      adv  

average adjuster  
      n   a person who calculates average claims, esp. for marine insurance  
   See       average       4  
average deviation  
      n     (Statistics)      another name for       mean deviation  
Dow-Jones average  
      n     (U.S)   a daily index of stock-exchange prices based on the average price of a selected number of securities  
     (C20: named after Charles H. Dow (died 1902) and Edward D. Jones (died 1920), American financial statisticians)  
general average  
      n     (Insurance)   loss or damage to a ship or its cargo that is shared among the shipowners and all the cargo owners,   (Abbrev.)    GA      Compare       particular average  
moving average  
      n     (Statistics)   (of a sequence of values) a derived sequence of the averages of successive subsequences of a given number of members, often used in time series to even out short-term fluctuations and make a trend clearer  
the 3-term moving average of 4, 6, 8, 7, 9, 8 is 6, 7, 8     
Nikkei Stock Average  
      n   an index of prices on the Tokyo Stock Exchange  
     (C20: from Nik(on) Kei(zai Shimbun), a Japanese newspaper group)  
particular average  
      n     (Insurance)   partial damage to or loss of a ship or its cargo affecting only the shipowner or one cargo owner,   (Abbrev.)    PA      Compare       general average  
weighted average  
      n   an average calculated by taking into account not only the frequencies of the values of a variable but also some other factor such as their variance. The weighted average of observed data is the result of dividing the sum of the products of each observed value, the number of times it occurs, and this other factor by the total number of observations  
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abbr. acron.
average revenue per user
[Tech.];[Comp.];[Bus.] acronym
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