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1    the gaseous envelope surrounding the earth or any other celestial body  
   See also       troposphere       stratosphere       mesosphere       ionosphere  
2    the air or climate in a particular place  
the atmosphere was thick with smoke     
3    a general pervasive feeling or mood  
an atmosphere of elation     
4    the prevailing tone or mood of a novel, symphony, painting, or other work of art  
5    a special mood or character associated with a place  
6    any local gaseous environment or medium  
an inert atmosphere     
7      (Abbrevs.)    at, atm          a unit of pressure; the pressure that will support a column of mercury 760 mm high at 0°C at sea level. 1 atmosphere is equivalent to 101325 newtons per square metre or 14.72 pounds per square inch  
  atmospheric, atmospherical      adj  
  atmospherically      adv  

action at a distance  
      n     (Physics)   the supposed interaction of two separated bodies without any intervening medium. In modern theories all interactions are assumed to require a field of force  
at   [1]  
1    used to indicate location or position  
are they at the table?, staying at a small hotel     
2    towards; in the direction of  
looking at television, throwing stones at windows     
3    used to indicate position in time  
come at three o'clock     
4    engaged in; in a state of (being)  
children at play, stand at ease, he is at his most charming today     
5    (in expressions concerned with habitual activity) during the passing of (esp. in the phrase at night)  
he used to work at night     
6    for; in exchange for  
it's selling at four pounds     
7    used to indicate the object of an emotion  
angry at the driver, shocked at his behaviour     
8    where it's at  
Slang   the real place of action  
     (Old English æt; related to Old Norse at to, Latin ad to)  
at   [2]  
      n   pl   , at   a Laotian monetary unit worth one hundredth of a kip.  
     (from Thai)  
      the chemical symbol for   astatine  
2      (Also)    A  
      symbol for   ampere-turn  
      abbrev. for   attainment target  
      abbrev. for  
1      (Also)    atm   atmosphere (unit of pressure)  
2    atomic  
1       another name for       open day  
2    a social gathering in a person's home  
at. no.  
      abbrev. for   atomic number  
      n   pl   , attorneys-at-law     (Law)  
1      (Now chiefly U.S.)   a lawyer qualified to represent in court a party to a legal action  
2      (Brit)  
obsolete   a solicitor  
at. wt.  
      abbrev. for   atomic weight  
come at  
      vb   intr, prep  
1    to discover or reach (facts, the truth, etc.)  
2    to attack (a person)  
he came at me with an axe     
3      (Austral)  
slang   to agree to do (something)  
4    usually used with a negative     (Austral)  
slang   to stomach, tolerate  
I couldn't come at it     
5      (Austral)  
slang   to presume; impose  
what are you coming at?     
      adj      an informal expression for       accessible  
drive at  
      vb   intr, prep  
Informal   to intend or mean  
what are you driving at?     
electronic funds transfer at point of sale  
      n   a system for debiting a retail sale direct to the customer's bank, building-society, or credit-card account by means of a computer link using the telephone network,   (Acronym)    EFTPOS  
friend at court  
      n   an influential acquaintance who can promote one's interests  
      n   pl   , gentlemen-at-arms   a member of the guard who attend the British sovereign on ceremonial and state occasions  
get at  
      vb   intr, prep  
1    to gain access to  
the dog could not get at the meat on the high shelf     
2    to mean or intend  
what are you getting at when you look at me like that?     
3    to irritate or annoy persistently; criticize  
she is always getting at him     
4    to influence or seek to influence, esp. illegally by bribery, intimidation, etc.  
someone had got at the witness before the trial     
Informal   accessible  
go at  
      vb   intr, prep  
1    to make an energetic attempt at (something)  
2    to attack vehemently  
have at  
      vb   intr, prep  
Archaic   to make an opening attack on, esp. in fencing  
      n   pl   , heirs-at-law     (Property law)   the person entitled to succeed to the real property of a person who dies intestate  
      n      another name for       goatsbeard       1  
jump at  
      vb   intr, prep   to be glad to accept  
I would jump at the chance of going     
keep at  
      vb   prep  
1    intr   to persevere with or persist in  
2    tr   to constrain (a person) to continue doing (a task)  
      n   pl   , men-at-arms   a soldier, esp. a heavily armed mounted soldier in medieval times  
      n   pl   , masters-at-arms   the senior rating, of Chief Petty Officer rank, in a naval unit responsible for discipline, administration, and police duties  
pick at  
      vb   intr, prep   to make criticisms of in a niggling or petty manner  
sergeant at arms  
1    an officer of a legislative or fraternal body responsible for maintaining internal order  
2    (formerly) an officer who served a monarch or noble, esp. as an armed attendant,   (Also called)    sergeant, serjeant at arms, serjeant  
sergeant at law  
      n      a variant spelling of       serjeant at law  
serjeant at arms  
      n      a variant spelling of       sergeant at arms  
serjeant at law  
      n   (formerly in England) a barrister of a special rank, to which he was raised by a writ under the Great Seal,   (Also called)    serjeant, sergeant at law, sergeant  
sneeze at  
      vb   intr, prep.; usually with a negative  
Informal   to dismiss lightly  
his offer is not to be sneezed at     
sniff at  
      vb   intr, prep   to express contempt or dislike for  
1    (of a person) enjoying a quiet, settled, and unadventurous use of leisure  
2    a stay-at-home person  
stick at  
      vb   intr, prep  
1    to continue constantly at  
to stick at one's work     
2    stick at nothing   to be prepared to do anything; be unscrupulous or ruthless  
talk at  
      vb   intr, prep   to speak to (a person) in a way that indicates a response is not really wanted  
I wish he'd talk to me rather than at me     
wink at  
      vb   intr, prep   to connive at; disregard  
the authorities winked at corruption     
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