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1    of, belonging to, or associated in some way with them  
their finest hour, their own clothes, she tried to combat their mocking her     
2    belonging to or associated in some way with people in general not including the speaker or people addressed  
in many countries they wash their clothes in the river     
3    belonging to or associated in some way with an indefinite antecedent such as one, whoever, or anybody  
everyone should bring their own lunch     
     (C12: from Old Norse theira (genitive plural); see they, them)  
See at they  
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something that is top-down comes from the top of a hierarchy and is passed down to the lower ranking members
The duck's nuts, the best, the top.
an urban photography trend consisting in taking the pics from the top (and usually the edge) of high buildings
SEO solution in such a way that the search engines will crawl your website and ranked it well on the top position. SEO is the process of improving the search and quality of visitors to your website for targeted keywords.
You say 'top that!' when you have achieved something and you want to challenge other people to do better
I know four celebrities - top that!
informal term used to describe the flab in the abdominal area rolling over tight clothes
from the resemblance with a muffin whose top exceeds the margins of the paper it is baked in
person who assists elderly people in their daily life
right granted to a general assembly to give an opinion on the salaries and bonuses of top managers
maximum; no more (or later) than; at the most
E.g.: You have to be back at 11 o'clock tops; The show lasted one hour tops
United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees also known as The UN Refugee Agency is a United Nations agency mandated to protect and support refugees at the request of a government or the UN itself and assists in their voluntary repatriation, local integration or resettlement to a third country.
In more than six decades, UNHCR has helped tens of millions of people restart their lives. The UNHCR has won two Nobel Peace Prizes.
[subj: poiicemen] to herd [demonstrators] into a compact group in order to control their movements
(in neomarxist thought) the second main exploitive social class: The bourgeoisie of formation. The members of the formoisie have human capital, receive high wages (the most frequently thanks to their diplomas) and consume more than the world GDP. (neologism 1993 Yanick Toutain)
[Hum. Sc.] The formoisie is the social class that created social-democracy and stalinism.
stereotypical belief that disconsiders in terms of intellectual and physical qualities women who stay home to look after their children
person born at the end of the 90s ; persons starting their teen life of the beginning of the years 2000
padlocks that couples lock on a bridge or fence among others to symbolise their love
set of words and word groups together with their definition, translation, grammar category or usage examples, and which can be searched through an index or a search engine
internet site allowing to view TV programs after their broadcast allowing targeted advertisement. Requires high-speed internet connexion
expression used to encourage someone to say what is on their mind, what is bothering them
the preferred terminology used among the management hierarchy of a business establishment in reference to native ideas and common interests related to their particular field.
syn.: slang, jargon
When a large group of competing corporations hope to use the government to protect or enhance their interests.
Economic Term.
when a person kills someone then takes their own life it is referred to as a murder suicide
a broad difference in values and attitudes between one and another especially between parents and their children
innovation paradigm that assumes firms should use external ideas and/or external paths to market in their innovation process
[Tech.];[Bus.] word coined by Henry Chesbrough, who opposes this paradigm to the closed innovation one, where all the innovation process happens within the borders of the firm.
a new word formed by joining together two others and combining their meanings. Examples: brunch, camcorder, carjack, motel, greenwash, smog, workaholic.
feeling of emptiness experienced by parents after the children leave their home
participant-driven meeting with no predefined agenda as opposed to high-price, top-down and formal conferences
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