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      vb   usually foll by: with  
1    tr   to link or connect in the mind or imagination  
to associate Christmas with fun     
2    intr   to keep company; mix socially  
to associate with writers     
3    intr   to form or join an association, group, etc.  
4    tr; usually passive   to consider in conjunction; connect  
rainfall is associated with humidity     
5    tr   to bring (a person, esp. oneself) into friendship, partnership, etc.  
6    tr; often passive   to express agreement or allow oneself to be connected (with)  
Bertrand Russell was associated with the peace movement     
7    a person joined with another or others in an enterprise, business, etc.; partner; colleague  
8    a companion or friend  
9    something that usually accompanies another thing; concomitant  
hope is an associate to happiness     
10    a person having a subordinate position in or admitted to only partial membership of an institution, association, etc.  
      adj   prenominal  
11    joined with another or others in an enterprise, business, etc.; having equal or nearly equal status  
an associate director     
12    having partial rights and privileges or subordinate status  
an associate member     
13    accompanying; concomitant  
     (C14: from Latin associare to ally with, from sociare to join, from socius an ally)  
  associable      adj  
  associator      n  
  associatory      adj  
  associateship      n  

associate professor  
1    (in the U.S. and Canada) a university teacher lower in rank than a full professor but higher than an assistant professor  
2    (in New Zealand) a senior lecturer holding the rank below professor  
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