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1    lacking the power to speak, either because of defects in the vocal organs or because of hereditary deafness; mute  
2    lacking the power of human speech  
dumb animals     
3    temporarily lacking or bereft of the power to speak  
struck dumb     
4    refraining from speech; uncommunicative  
5    producing no sound; silent  
a dumb piano     
6    made, done, or performed without speech  
7    Informal  
a    slow to understand; dim-witted  
b    foolish; stupid  
   See also       dumb down  
     (Old English; related to Old Norse dumbr, Gothic dumbs, Old High German tump)  
  dumbly      adv  
  dumbness      n  

deaf-and-dumb   Offensive  
1    unable to hear or speak  
2    a deaf-mute person  
dumb ague  
      n   an irregular form of malarial fever (ague) lacking the typically symptomatic chill  
      n   a West Indian aroid plant, Dieffenbachia seguine, chewing the stem of which induces speechlessness by paralysing the throat muscles  
dumb down  
      vb   tr   to make less intellectually demanding or sophisticated  
the alleged dumbing down of BBC radio     
dumb show  
1    a part of a play acted in pantomime, popular in early English drama  
2    meaningful gestures; mime  
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