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1    produced by man; not occurring naturally  
artificial materials of great strength     
2    made in imitation of a natural product, esp. as a substitute; not genuine  
artificial cream     
3    pretended; assumed; insincere  
an artificial manner     
4    lacking in spontaneity; affected  
an artificial laugh     
5      (Biology)   relating to superficial characteristics not based on the interrelationships of organisms  
an artificial classification     
     (C14: from Latin artificialis belonging to art, from artificium skill, artifice)  
  artificiality      n  
  artificially      adv  

artificial aid  
      n     (Mountaineering)      another name for       aid       5  
artificial climbing  
      n      another name for       aid climbing  
artificial daylight  
      n     (Physics)   artificial light having approximately the same spectral characteristics as natural daylight  
artificial disintegration  
      n     (Physics)   radioactive transformation of a substance by bombardment with high-energy particles, such as alpha particles or neutrons  
artificial feel  
      n   a system, used in aircraft that have fully powered control surfaces, providing the pilot with simulated aerodynamic forces on the controls  
artificial horizon  
1      (Also called)    gyro horizon   an aircraft instrument, using a gyroscope, that indicates the aircraft's attitude in relation to the horizontal  
2      (Astronomy)   a level reflecting surface, such as one of mercury, that measures the altitude of a celestial body as half the angle between the body and its reflection  
artificial insemination  
      n   introduction of spermatozoa into the vagina or uterus by means other than sexual union  
   See       AI       AIH       DI  
artificial intelligence  
      n   the study of the modelling of human mental functions by computer programs,   (Abbrev.)    AI  
artificial kidney  
      n     (Med)   a mechanical apparatus for performing haemodialysis  
artificial language  
      n   an invented language, esp. one intended as an international medium of communication or for use with computers  
   Compare       natural language  
artificial respiration  
1    any of various methods of restarting breathing after it has stopped, by manual rhythmic pressure on the chest, mouth-to-mouth breathing, etc.  
2    any method of maintaining respiration artificially, as by use of an iron lung  
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a patient who lost is tracheal reflexes by general anesthesia or Coma ; state whos trache has been protected by a tube that permits artificial ventilation.
Medical term
artificial long word coined to mean a lung disease known as silicosis, a type of pneumoconiosis caused by inhalation of ultra-microscopic particles of crystalline silica volcanic dust. It has the particularity of being the longest word in the English language published in a dictionary
Longer tech. terms exist (up to 189,819 letters!).The word, presumably coined in 1935 by E.M. Smith (pres. of the National Puzzlers'League) in imitation of very long medical terms, contains 45 letters
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