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1      (Also called)    angora          the long soft silky hair that makes up the outer coat of the Angora goat  
a    a fabric made from the yarn of this hair and cotton or wool  
b    (as modifier)  
a mohair suit     
     (C16: variant (influenced by hair) of earlier mocayare, ultimately from Arabic mukhayyar, literally: choice, from khayyara to choose)  

      n   sometimes cap  
a    the long soft hair of the outer coat of the Angora goat or the fur of the Angora rabbit               
b    yarn, cloth, or clothing made from this hair  
c    a material made to resemble this yarn or cloth  
d    (as modifier)  
an angora sweater         See also       mohair  
1       the former name (until 1930) of       Ankara  
2       short for       Angora cat       Angora goat       Angora rabbit  
Angora cat  
      n   a former long-haired variety of cat, similar to the Persian  
Angora goat  
      n   a breed of domestic goat with long soft hair  
Angora rabbit  
      n   a breed of rabbit with long usually white silky hair  
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Angkor, anger, Anglo, angry

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