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1    unemployed or unoccupied; inactive  
2    not operating or being used  
3    (of money) not being used to earn interest or dividends  
4    not wanting to work; lazy  
5    usually prenominal   frivolous or trivial  
idle pleasures     
6    ineffective or powerless; fruitless; vain  
7    without basis; unfounded  
8    when tr, often foll by: away   to waste or pass (time) fruitlessly or inactively  
he idled the hours away     
9    intr   to loiter or move aimlessly  
10    intr   (of a shaft, etc.) to turn without doing useful work  
11    intr     (Also (Brit.))    tick over   (of an engine) to run at low speed with the transmission disengaged  
12    tr     (U.S. and Canadian)   to cause to be inactive or unemployed  
     (Old English idel; compare Old High German ital empty, vain)  
  idleness      n  
  idly      adv  

bone idle  
      adj   very idle; extremely lazy  
idle pulley   , idler pulley  
      n   a freely rotating trolley used to control the tension or direction of a belt,   (Also called)    idler  
idle time  
      n     (Commerce)   time during which a machine or a worker could be working but is not, as when one job has been completed and tooling or materials for the next are not complete or available  
   Compare       downtime  
idle wheel  
      n   a gearwheel interposed between two others to transmit torque without changing the direction of rotation to the velocity ratio,   (Also called)    idler  
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