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1    the state or process of doing something or being active; operation  
2    something done, such as an act or deed  
3    movement or posture during some physical activity  
4    activity, force, or energy  
a man of action     
5    usually pl   conduct or behaviour  
6      (Law)  
a    a legal proceeding brought by one party against another, seeking redress of a wrong or recovery of what is due; lawsuit  
b    the right to bring such a proceeding  
7    the operating mechanism, esp. in a piano, gun, watch, etc.  
8    (of a guitar) the distance between the strings and the fingerboard  
9    (of keyboard instruments) the sensitivity of the keys to touch  
10    the force applied to a body  
the reaction is equal and opposite to the action     
11    the way in which something operates or works  
12      (Physics)  
a    a property of a system expressed as twice the mean kinetic energy of the system over a given time interval multiplied by the time interval  
b    the product of work or energy and time, usually expressed in joule seconds  
Planck's constant of action     
13    the events that form the plot of a story, film, play, or other composition  
14      (Military)  
a    a minor engagement  
b    fighting at sea or on land  
he saw action in the war     
15      (Philosophy)   behaviour which is voluntary and explicable in terms of the agent's reasons, as contrasted with that which is coerced or determined causally  
16      (Brit)      short for       industrial action  
17    Informal   the profits of an enterprise or transaction (esp. in the phrase a piece of the action)  
18    Slang   the main activity, esp. social activity  
      vb   tr  
19    to put into effect; take action concerning  
matters decided at the meeting cannot be actioned until the following week     
20    a command given by a film director to indicate that filming is to begin  
   See also       cue   1       1, 8  
     (C14 accioun, ultimately from Latin action-, stem of actio, from agere to do, act)  

action at a distance  
      n     (Physics)   the supposed interaction of two separated bodies without any intervening medium. In modern theories all interactions are assumed to require a field of force  
action painting  
      n   a development of abstract expressionism evolved in the 1940s, characterized by broad vigorous brush strokes and accidental effects of thrown, smeared, dripped, or spattered paint,   (Also called)    tachisme      See also       abstract expressionism  
action potential  
      n   a localized change in electrical potential, from --70 mV to +30 mV, that occurs across a nerve fibre during transmission of a nerve impulse  
action replay  
      n   the rerunning of a small section of a television film or tape of a match or other sporting contest, often in slow motion,   (U.S. and Canadian name)    instant replay  
action stations  
      pl n  
1      (Military)   the positions taken up by individuals in preparation for or during a battle  
2      (Military)   a command to take up such positions  
3    Informal   a warning to get ready for something  
affirmative action  
      n     (U.S)   a policy or programme designed to counter discrimination against minority groups and women in areas such as employment and education,   (Brit. equivalent)    positive discrimination  
caster action  
      n   the tendency, caused by the design of the mounting, of a wheel to turn into its plane of rotation  
Christian Action  
      n   an inter-Church movement formed in 1946 to promote Christian ideals in society at large  
class action  
      n     (U.S. law)   a legal action undertaken by one or more people representing the interests of a large group of people with the same grievance  
delayed action   , delay action  
a    a device for operating a mechanism, such as a camera shutter, a short time after setting  
b    (as modifier)  
a delayed-action fuse     
delaying action  
      n   a measure or measures taken to gain time, as when weaker military forces harass the advance of a superior enemy without coming to a pitched battle  
direct action  
      n   action such as strikes or civil disobedience, employed by organized labour or other groups to obtain demands from an employer, government, etc.  
industrial action  
      n     (Brit)   any action, such as a strike or go-slow, taken by employees in industry to protest against working conditions, redundancies, etc.  
principle of least action  
      n   the principle that motion between any two points in a conservative dynamical system is such that the action has a minimum value with respect to all paths between the points that correspond to the same energy,   (Also called)    Maupertuis principle  
radius of action  
      n     (Military)   the maximum distance that a ship, aircraft, or land vehicle can travel from its base and return without refuelling  
      n   modifier   (of a firearm) requiring the hammer to be cocked by hand before firing  
      adj   (of a shoulder firearm) ejecting the empty case and reloading by means of a sliding lever  
transitory action  
      n     (Law)   an action that can be brought in any country regardless of where it originated  
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the action of expanding, broaden something
the study of human action and conduct
an undefined reply when an ignorant comment or action is made. Source:
a criminal action of commission or omission with intent to harm targeting humans or machines using any telecommunication device via internet
[Leg.];[Tech.] cybercrime means hacking, bullying, identity theft
1. [Comp.] a device that once plugged in is automatically recognized by the system and launches the expected process without any action on the user's side; 2. [Bus.] a new employee who is able to start work without too much induction and training
[Comp.];[Bus.] can be used as both noun and adjective: plug and play device; plug and play employee or simply plug and play (noun)
act in accordance with what is set verbally; apply what one's preaching for; double words by action;
often used in combination with "talk the talk".
take an action that will complicate things; do something with a negative impact
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