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1    an unforeseen event or one without an apparent cause  
2    anything that occurs unintentionally or by chance; chance; fortune  
I met him by accident     
3    a misfortune or mishap, esp. one causing injury or death  
4      (Also called)    adjunct     (Logic, philosophy)   a nonessential attribute or characteristic of something (as opposed to substance)  
5      (Metaphysics)   a property as contrasted with the substance in which it inheres  
6      (Geology)   a surface irregularity in a natural formation, esp. in a rock formation or a river system  
     (C14: via Old French from Latin accident- chance, happening, from the present participle of accidere to befall, happen, from ad- to + cadere to fall)  

accident insurance  
      n   insurance providing compensation for accidental injury or death  
accident proneness  
      n   the unconscious tendency, thought to exist in some people, to involve themselves in a large number of accidents  
  accident-prone      adj  
cerebrovascular accident   , cerebral vascular accident  
      n   a sudden interruption of the blood supply to the brain caused by rupture of an artery in the brain (cerebral haemorrhage) or the blocking of a blood vessel, as by a clot of blood (cerebral occlusion)  
   See       apoplexy       stroke       4  
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care home
Port Out Starboard Home
Folk etymology: rich ship passengers paid for cabins on the side most in shadow. Supposedly shortened to P.O.S.H on tickets. No evidence for this origin; the word comes from 19th century slang.
Chick for home decorating
home is the best place to be no matter where it is
a body part is a part of a human body, usually one that has been cut or torn from the body in a violent incident (such as an accident, an explosion, etc)
informal name given to footwear items like socks, home foot covers or plastic foot covers used for hygienical reasons
stereotypical belief that disconsiders in terms of intellectual and physical qualities women who stay home to look after their children
a false acronym created "backwards", i.e. from a phrase deliberately invented to generate the acronym, e.g. posh "port out starboard home".
forced by a medical condition to spend most of the time home
parent whose children no longer live in the family home
George is home and dry! Le hardeux de boulevard Barcelone Toulouse Matabiau _in facts!
care provided for old or sick people or children in a residential facility ("home")
feeling of emptiness experienced by parents after the children leave their home
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