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1    complete; perfect  
2    free from limitations, restrictions, or exceptions; unqualified  
an absolute choice     
3    having unlimited authority; despotic  
an absolute ruler     
4    undoubted; certain  
the absolute truth     
5    not dependent on, conditioned by, or relative to anything else; independent  
an absolute term in logic, the absolute value of a quantity in physics     
6    pure; unmixed  
absolute alcohol     
7    (of a grammatical construction) syntactically independent of the main clause, as for example the construction Joking apart in the sentence Joking apart, we'd better leave now  
8      (Grammar)   (of a transitive verb) used without a direct object, as the verb intimidate in the sentence His intentions are good, but his rough manner tends to intimidate  
9      (Grammar)   (of an adjective) used as a noun, as for instance young and aged in the sentence The young care little for the aged  
10      (Physics)  
a    postpositive   (of a pressure measurement) not relative to atmospheric pressure  
the pressure was 5 bar absolute         Compare       gauge       18  
b    denoting absolute or thermodynamic temperature  
11      (Maths)  
a      (Also)    numerical   (of a value) having a magnitude but no sign  
b    (of a constant) never changing in value  
c    (of an inequality) unconditional  
d    (of a term) not containing a variable  
12      (Law)   (of a court order or decree) coming into effect immediately and not liable to be modified; final  
   See       decree absolute  
13      (Law)   (of a title to property, etc.) not subject to any encumbrance or condition  
14    something that is absolute  
     (C14: from Latin absolutus unconditional, freed from, from absolvere. See absolve)  

ablative absolute  
      n   an absolute construction in Latin grammar in which a governor noun and a modifier in the ablative case function as a sentence modifier; for example, hostibus victis, ``the enemy having been beaten''  
      n   sometimes not cap  
1      (Philosophy)  
a    the ultimate basis of reality  
b    that which is totally unconditioned, unrestricted, pure, perfect, or complete  
2    (in the philosophy of Hegel) that towards which all things evolve dialectically  
absolute alcohol  
      n   a liquid containing at least 99 per cent of pure ethanol by weight  
absolute ceiling  
      n   the maximum height above sea level, usually measured in feet or metres, at which an aircraft can maintain horizontal flight  
   Compare       service ceiling  
absolute configuration  
      n     (Chem)   the spatial arrangement of atoms or groups in a chemical compound about an asymmetric atom  
   See       chirality  
absolute humidity  
      n   the humidity of the atmosphere expressed as the number of grams of water contained in 1 cubic metre of air  
   Compare       relative humidity  
absolute judgment  
      n     (Psychol)   any judgment about a single stimulus, e.g. about the value of one of its properties or about whether it is present or absent  
   Compare       comparative judgment  
absolute magnitude  
      n   the magnitude a given star would have if it were situated at a distance of 10 parsecs (32.6 light years) from the earth  
absolute majority  
      n   a number of votes totalling over 50 per cent, such as the total number of votes or seats obtained by a party that beats the combined opposition  
   Compare       relative majority  
absolute monarchy  
      n   a monarchy without constitutional limits  
   Compare       constitutional monarchy  
absolute music  
      n   music that is not designed to depict or evoke any scene or event  
   Compare       programme music  
absolute pitch  
1      (Also called (not in technical usage))    perfect pitch   the ability to identify exactly the pitch of a note without comparing it to another  
2    the exact pitch of a note determined by vibration per second  
absolute temperature  
      n      another name for       thermodynamic temperature  
absolute threshold  
      n     (Psychol)   the minimum intensity of a stimulus at which it can just be perceived  
   Compare       difference threshold  
absolute unit  
1    a unit of measurement forming part of the electromagnetic cgs system, such as an abampere or abcoulomb  
2    a unit of measurement forming part of a system of units that includes a unit of force defined so that it is independent of the acceleration of free fall  
absolute value  
      n     (Maths)  
1    the positive real number equal to a given real but disregarding its sign. Written | x |. Where r is positive, | r | = r = |--r|  
2      (Also called)    modulus   a measure of the magnitude of a complex number, represented by the length of a vector in the Argand diagram: |x + iy | = square root (x2 + y2), so | 4 + 3i | = 5  
absolute viscosity  
      n      a full name for       viscosity   used to distinguish it from kinematic viscosity and specific viscosity   used to distinguish it from kinematic viscosity and specific viscosity  
absolute zero  
      n   the lowest temperature theoretically attainable, at which the particles constituting matter would be in the lowest energy states available; the zero of thermodynamic temperature; zero on the International Practical Scale of Temperature: equivalent to --273.15°C or --459.67°F  
decree absolute  
      n   the final decree in divorce proceedings, which leaves the parties free to remarry  
   Compare       decree nisi  
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