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, G  
      n   pl   , g's, G's, Gs  
1    the seventh letter and fifth consonant of the modern English alphabet  
2    a speech sound represented by this letter, in English usually either a voiced velar stop, as in grass, or a voiced palato-alveolar affricate, as in page  

anti-G suit  
      n      another name for       G-suit  
C & G  
      abbrev. for   City and Guilds  
e.g.   , eg, eg.  
      abbrevs. for   exempli gratia  
     (Latin: for example)  
      symbol for  
1    gallon(s)  
2    gram(s)  
3    acceleration of free fall (due to gravity)  
4    grav  
5      (Chess)      See       algebraic notation  
      symbol for  
1      (Music)  
a    a note having a frequency of 392 hertz (G above middle C) or this value multiplied or divided by any power of 2; the fifth note of the scale of C major  
b    a key, string, or pipe producing this note  
c    the major or minor key having this note as its tonic  
2    gauss  
3    gravitational constant  
4      (Physics)   conductance  
5      (Biochem)   guanine  
6    German  
7    Gibbs function  
8    giga  
9    good  
10    Slang     (chiefly U.S.)   grand (a thousand dollars or pounds)  
11      (in Australia)  
a    general exhibition (used to describe a category of film certified as suitable for viewing by anyone)  
b    (as modifier)  
a G film     
G.   , g.  
      abbrev. for  
1    gauges  
2    gelding  
3    Gulf  
4    guilder(s)  
5    guinea(s)  
G & S  
      abbrev. for   Gilbert and Sullivan  
G clef  
      n      another name for       treble clef  
      n      another name for       cramp   2       2  
g'day   , gidday  
      sentence substitute      an Austral. and N.Z. informal variant of       good day  
      n   the force of gravity  
      n   pl   , G-men  
1      (U.S.)  
slang   an FBI agent  
2      (Irish)   a political detective  
      n   an area in the front wall of the vagina which is alleged to produce an extremely intense orgasm when stimulated  
     (C20: short for Gräfenberg spot, named after Ernst Gräfenberg (1881--1957), German gynaecologist)  
1    a piece of cloth attached to a narrow waistband covering the pubic area, worn esp. by strippers  
2    a strip of cloth attached to the front and back of a waistband and covering the loins  
3      (Music)   a string tuned to G, such as the lowest string of a violin  
      n   a close-fitting garment covering the legs and abdomen that is worn by the crew of high-speed aircraft and can be pressurized to prevent blackout during certain manoeuvres,   (Also called)    anti-G suit  
     (C20: from g(ravity) suit)  
g.u.   , GU  
      abbrev. for   genitourinary  
      abbrev. for   own goal  
      n     (Skiing)   a type of slalom in which the course is shorter than in a standard slalom and the obstacles are farther apart than in a giant slalom  
     (C20: from super- + g(iant))  
T & G  
      abbrev. for   Transport and General Workers' Union  
vitamin G  
      n      another name (esp. U.S. and Canadian) for       riboflavin  
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