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! Ein Hammer sein exp.
to be staggering
Das ist ein Hammer!

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a large hammer used in barrel-making
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1    a hand tool consisting of a heavy usually steel head held transversely on the end of a handle, used for driving in nails, beating metal, etc.  
2    any tool or device with a similar function, such as the moving part of a door knocker, the striking head on a bell, etc.  
3    a power-driven striking tool, esp. one used in forging. A pneumatic hammer delivers a repeated blow from a pneumatic ram, a drop hammer uses the energy of a falling weight  
4    a part of a gunlock that rotates about a fulcrum to strike the primer or percussion cap, either directly or via a firing pin  
5      (Athletics)  
a    a heavy metal ball attached to a flexible wire: thrown in competitions  
b    the event or sport of throwing the hammer  
6    an auctioneer's gavel  
7    a device on a piano that is made to strike a string or group of strings causing them to vibrate  
8      (Anatomy)      the nontechnical name for       malleus  
9    go (or come) under the hammer   to be offered for sale by an auctioneer  
10    hammer and tongs   with great effort or energy  
fighting hammer and tongs     
11    on someone's hammer     (Austral. and N.Z.)  
a    persistently demanding and critical of someone  
b    in hot pursuit of someone  
12    to strike or beat (a nail, wood, etc.) with or as if with a hammer  
13    tr   to shape or fashion with or as if with a hammer  
14    tr; foll by: in or into   to impress or force (facts, ideas, etc.) into (someone) through constant repetition  
15    intr   to feel or sound like hammering  
his pulse was hammering     
16    intr; often foll by: away   to work at constantly  
17    tr     (Brit)  
a    to question in a relentless manner  
b    to criticize severely  
18    Informal   to inflict a defeat on  
19    tr  
Slang   to beat, punish, or chastise  
20    tr     (Stock Exchange)  
a    to announce the default of (a member)  
b    to cause prices of (securities, the market, etc.) to fall by bearish selling,   (See also)        hammer out  
     (Old English hamor; related to Old Norse hamarr crag, Old High German hamar hammer, Old Slavonic kamy stone)  
  hammerer      n  
  hammer-like      adj  

ball-peen hammer  
      n   a hammer that has one end of its head shaped in a hemisphere for beating metal, etc  
claw hammer  
      n   a hammer with a cleft at one end of the head for extracting nails,   (Also called)    carpenters hammer  
drop hammer  
      n      another name for       drop forge  
hack hammer  
      n   an adzelike tool, used for dressing stone  
hammer and sickle  
1    the emblem on the flag of the former Soviet Union, representing the industrial workers and the peasants respectively  
2    a symbolic representation of the former Soviet Union or of Communism in general  
hammer beam  
      n   either of a pair of short horizontal beams that project from opposite walls to support arched braces and struts  
hammer drill  
1    a rock drill operated by compressed air in which the boring bit is not attached to the reciprocating piston  
2    an electric hand drill providing hammering in addition to rotating action  
hammer out  
      vb   tr, adv  
1    to shape or remove with or as if with a hammer  
2    to form or produce (an agreement, plan, etc.) after much discussion or dispute  
hammer price  
      n   the price offered as the winning bid in a public auction  
knapping hammer  
      n   a hammer used for breaking and shaping stones  
rawhide hammer  
      n   a hammer, used to avoid damaging a surface, having a head consisting of a metal tube from each end of which a tight roll of hide protrudes  
tack hammer  
      n   a light hammer for driving tacks  
tilt hammer  
      n   a drop hammer consisting of a heavy head moving at the end of a pivoted arm; used in forging  
water hammer  
      n   a sharp concussion produced when the flow of water in a pipe is suddenly blocked  
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