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1    a member of any of the West Germanic tribes (Angles, Saxons, and Jutes) that settled in Britain from the 5th century a.d. and were dominant until the Norman conquest  
2    the language of these tribes  
   See       Old English  
3    any White person whose native language is English and whose cultural affiliations are those common to Britain and the U.S.  
4    Informal   plain blunt English, esp. English containing taboo words  
5    forming part of the Germanic element in Modern English  
``forget'' is an Anglo-Saxon word     
6    of or relating to the Anglo-Saxons or the Old English language  
7    of or relating to the White Protestant culture of Britain, Australia, and the U.S.  
8    Informal   (of English speech or writing) plain and blunt  
9    of or relating to Britain and the U.S., esp. their common legal, political, and commercial cultures, as compared to continental Europe  
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Old English  
1      (Also called)    Anglo-Saxon          the English language from the time of the earliest settlements in the fifth century a.d. to about 1100. The main dialects were West Saxon (the chief literary form), Kentish, and Anglian  
   Compare       Middle English       Modern English     (Abbrev.)    OE  
2      (Printing)   a Gothic typeface commonly used in England up until the 18th century  

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