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      n   a green variety of microcline used as a gemstone. Formula: KAlSi3O8,   (Also called)    Amazon stone         
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      n   any of various tropical American parrots of the genus Amazona, such as A. farinosa (green amazon), having a short tail and mainly green plumage  

Amazon   [1]  
1      (Greek myth)   one of a race of women warriors of Scythia near the Black Sea  
2    one of a legendary tribe of female warriors of South America  
3    often not cap   any tall, strong, or aggressive woman  
     (C14: via Latin from Greek Amazon, of uncertain origin)  
  Amazonian      adj  
Amazon   [2]  
      n   a river in South America, rising in the Peruvian Andes and flowing east through N Brazil to the Atlantic: in volume, the largest river in the world; navigable for 3700 km (2300 miles). Length: over 6440 km (4000 miles). Area of basin: over 5827500 sq. km (2250000 sq. miles)  
  Amazonian      adj  
amazon ant  
      n   any of several small reddish ants of the genus Polyergus, esp. P. rufescens, that enslave the young of other ant species  

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to do two things at the same time using the effort needed to do only one
fleshy part of stone fruits (egg. peaches, plums)
hin, often tapered piece of material, such as wood, stone, or metal, used to fill gaps, make something level, or adjust something to fit properly
a modern version of the popular saying "killing two birds with one stone" derived from the popular video game "angry birds."
expression meaning that one should not criticize someone else for a mistake that he/she also makes or a flaw that he/she also has


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