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1    Written is the past participle of write.  
2       adj   A written test or piece of work is one which involves writing rather than doing something practical or giving spoken answers.  
usu ADJ n  
Learners may have to take a written exam before they pass their driving test...     
3       adj   A written agreement, rule, or law has been officially written down.  
ADJ n     (Antonym: unwritten)    The newspaper broke a written agreement not to sell certain photographs...     
    to be written all over someone's face  

written word     
You use the written word to refer to language expressed in writing, especially when contrasted with speech or with other forms of expression such as painting or film.      n-sing   usu the N  
Even in the 18th century scholars continued to give primacy to the written word.     
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to do two things at the same time using the effort needed to do only one
fleshy part of stone fruits (egg. peaches, plums)
hin, often tapered piece of material, such as wood, stone, or metal, used to fill gaps, make something level, or adjust something to fit properly
a modern version of the popular saying "killing two birds with one stone" derived from the popular video game "angry birds."
ظاهر او باين على وجهك
expression meaning that one should not criticize someone else for a mistake that he/she also makes or a flaw that he/she also has


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