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  ( hesitations    plural  )
1       n-var   Hesitation is an unwillingness to do something, or a delay in doing it, because you are uncertain, worried, or embarrassed about it.  
oft N in -ing  
He promised there would be no more hesitations in pursuing reforms., ...the prime minister's hesitation to accept a ceasefire.     
2    If you say that you have no hesitationin doing something, you are emphasizing that you will do it immediately or willingly because you are certain that it is the right thing to do.  
have no hesitation      phrase   V inflects, usu PHR in -ing     (emphasis)    The board said it had no hesitation in unanimously rejecting the offer...     
3    If you say that someone does something without hesitation   , you are emphasizing that they do it immediately and willingly.      
without hesitation             phrase   usu PHR after v, PHR with cl     (emphasis)    The great majority of players would, of course, sign the contract without hesitation...     
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1    delay, doubt, dubiety, hesitancy, indecision, irresolution, uncertainty, vacillation  
2    demurral, misgiving(s), qualm(s), reluctance, scruple(s), unwillingness  
3    faltering, fumbling, hemming and hawing, stammering, stumbling, stuttering  

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Collaborative Dictionary     English Cobuild
hesitation; slowness; temporization
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