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  ( winters    plural & 3rd person present, plural)   ( wintering    present participle)   ( wintered    past tense & past participle  )
1       n-var   Winter is the season between autumn and spring. In the winter the weather is usually cold.  
In winter the nights are long and cold., ...the winter months., ...the late winter of 1941.     
2       verb   If an animal or plant winters somewhere or is wintered there, it spends the winter there.  
The birds will winter outside in an aviary...      V adv/prep  
The young seedlings are usually wintered in a cold frame.      be V-ed prep/adv of the most important sites for wintering wildfowl.      V-ing, Also V n prep/adv  
3       verb   If you winter somewhere, you spend the winter there.  
FORMAL   The family decided to winter in Nice again.      V prep/adv  

nuclear winter     
Nuclear winter refers to the possible effects on the environment of a war in which large numbers of nuclear weapons are used. It is thought that there would be very low temperatures and very little light during a nuclear winter.      n-uncount   also a N  
winter sports     
Winter sports are sports that take place on ice or snow, for example skating and skiing.      n-plural  
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