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  ( windows    plural  )
1       n-count   A window is a space in the wall of a building or in the side of a vehicle, which has glass in it so that light can come in and you can see out.  
He stood at the window, moodily staring out..., The room felt very hot and she wondered why someone did not open a window..., car window.     
2       n-count   A window is a large piece of glass along the front of a shop, behind which some of the goods that the shop sells are displayed.  
I stood for a few moments in front of the nearest shop window.     
3       n-count   A window is a glass-covered opening above a counter, for example in a bank, post office, railway station, or museum, which the person serving you sits behind.  
The woman at the ticket window told me that the admission fee was $17.50.     
4       n-count   On a computer screen, a window is one of the work areas that the screen can be divided into.     (COMPUTING)  
5       n-count   If you have a window in your diary for something, or if you can make a window for it, you are free at a particular time and can do it then.  
usu sing  
Tell her I've got a window in my diary later on this week.     
    French window  
    picture window  
    rose window  
7    If you say that something such as a plan or a particular way of thinking or behaving has gone out of the window or has flown out of the window, you mean that it has disappeared completely.  
go/fly out of the window      phrase   V inflects  
By now all logic had gone out of the window...     
8    If you say that there is a window of opportunity for something, you mean that there is an opportunity to do something but that this opportunity will only last for a short time and so it needs to be taken advantage of quickly.     (JOURNALISM)  
window of opportunity      phrase   window inflects, oft PHR for n, PHR to-inf  
The king said there was now a window of opportunity for peace.     

bay window        ( bay windows    plural  ) A bay window is a window that sticks out from the outside wall of a house.      n-count  
French window        ( French windows    plural  ) French windows are a pair of glass doors which you go through into a garden or onto a balcony.      n-count   usu pl   (=French door)  
picture window        ( picture windows    plural  ) A picture window is a window containing one large sheet of glass, so that people have a good view of what is outside.      n-count  
rose window        ( rose windows    plural  ) A rose window is a large round stained glass window in a church.      n-count  
sash window        ( sash windows    plural  ) A sash window is a window which consists of two frames placed one above the other. The window can be opened by sliding one frame over the other.      n-count  
window box        ( window boxes    plural  ) A window box is a long narrow container on a shelf at the bottom of a window and is used for growing plants.      n-count  
window-dressing   , window dressing  
1       n-uncount   Window-dressing is the skill of arranging objects attractively in a window, especially a shop window, or the way in which they are arranged.  
2       n-uncount   If you refer to something as window-dressing, you are critical of it because it is done in order to create a good impression and to prevent people from realizing the real or more unpleasant nature of someone's activities.,   (disapproval)    The measures are little more than window dressing that will fade fast once investors take a hard look at them.     
window frame        ( window frames    plural  ) A window frame is a frame around the edges of a window, which glass is fixed into.      n-count  
window seat        ( window seats    plural  )
1       n-count   A window seat is a seat which is fixed to the wall underneath a window in a room.  
2       n-count   On a train, bus, or aeroplane, a window seat is a seat next to a window.  
window shade        ( window shades    plural  ) A window shade is a piece of stiff cloth or heavy paper that you can pull down over a window as a covering.  
  (AM)      n-count   (=shade)  
in BRIT, use blind     
window shopping      , window-shopping  
If you do some window shopping, you spend time looking at the goods in the windows of shops without intending to buy anything.      n-uncount  
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1. throw someone or something out of a window 2. [fig.][fam.] dismiss/remove (sb) from a position of authority/power
Ex1: The inspector considers the assumption that the victim might have been defenastrated. Ex2: Due to the lack of results, the decision was taken to 'defenestrate' the manager.
when a shop is boarded up, it means it is no longer in business and that wooden planks have been nailed over its windows.
one in seven shops in the UK are boarded up
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