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Whom is used in formal or written English instead of `who' when it is the object of a verb or preposition.     
1       quest   You use whom in questions when you ask about the name or identity of a person or group of people.   (=who)  
`I want to send a telegram.'<emdash10001`Fine, to whom?'..., Whom did he expect to answer his phone?...     
2       conj   You use whom after certain words, especially verbs and adjectives, to introduce a clause where you talk about the name or identity of a person or a group of people.   (=who)  
He asked whom I'd told about his having been away...     
3       pron   You use whom at the beginning of a relative clause when specifying the person or group of people you are talking about or when giving more information about them.  
oft prep PRON  
One writer in whom I had taken an interest was Immanuel Velikovsky...     
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someone to whom everybody is turning when they need advice, help


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