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1       adj   A virtuous person behaves in a moral and correct way.   (=good)  
Louis was shown as an intelligent, courageous and virtuous family man.     
2       adj   If you describe someone as virtuous, you mean that they have done what they ought to do and feel very pleased with themselves, perhaps too pleased.  
I cleaned the flat, which left me feeling virtuous.     
  virtuously      adv   usu ADV with v, also ADV adj  
`I've already done that,' said Ronnie virtuously.     

virtuous circle     
If you describe a situation as a virtuous circle, you mean that once one good thing starts happening, other good things happen, which cause the first thing to continue happening.      n-sing  
  (Antonym: vicious circle)   
Exercise creates its own virtuous circle. Once you start a programme and do it regularly, you'll feel so good you'll want to continue., ...a virtuous circle of investment and growth.     
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1    blameless, ethical, excellent, exemplary, good, high-principled, honest, honourable, incorruptible, just, moral, praiseworthy, pure, righteous, squeaky-clean, upright, worthy  
2    celibate, chaste, clean-living, innocent, pure, spotless, virginal  
1    corrupt, debauched, depraved, dishonest, evil, immoral, sinful, unrighteous, vicious, wicked  
2    impure, loose, promiscuous, unchaste  

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