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  ( utters    3rd person present)   ( uttering    present participle)   ( uttered    past tense & past participle  )
1       verb   If someone utters sounds or words, they say them.  
LITERARY   He uttered a snorting laugh...      V n  
They departed without uttering a word.      V n  
2       adj   You use utter to emphasize that something is great in extent, degree, or amount.  
ADJ n     (emphasis)    (=absolute, total)  
This, of course, is utter nonsense., ...this utter lack of responsibility..., A look of utter confusion swept across his handsome face.     
Translation English Cobuild Collins Dictionary  
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utterly, utterance, ute, uterus

Collaborative Dictionary     English Cobuild
utter a soliloquy ; talk to oneself
1:to utter taunting words 2:to deride or tease with taunting words 'The Gridiron Show group joked with and gibed at those in the Memphis power structure, politicians mostly. Rarely did anyone get their feelings hurt by the skits in the shows…." — Toby Sells, Memphis Magazine, December 2014
to speak or utter again ; (poetic) to answer, to echo
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