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  ( twinsets    plural  ) , twin set, twin-set          A twinset is a set of women's clothing, consisting of a cardigan and sweater of the same colour.  
  (BRIT)      n-count  
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twin     ( twins    plural & 3rd person present)   ( twinning    present participle)   ( twinned    past tense & past participle  )
1       n-count   If two people are twins, they have the same mother and were born on the same day.  
oft N n  
Sarah was looking after the twins..., She had a twin brother and a younger brother.     
2       adj   Twin is used to describe a pair of things that look the same and are close together.  
ADJ n  
...the twin spires of the cathedral., ...the world's largest twin-engined aircraft.     
3       adj   Twin is used to describe two things or ideas that are similar or connected in some way.  
ADJ n  
...the twin concepts of liberty and equality...     
4       verb   When a place or organization in one country is twinnedwith a place or organization in another country, a special relationship is formally established between them.  
  (BRIT)   usu passive  
Five Polish banks are to be twinned with counterparts in Western Europe...      be V-ed with n  
The borough is twinned with Kasel in Germany.      V-ed  
5       adj   Twin towns or cities are twinned with each other.  
  (BRIT)   ADJ n  
This led Zagreb's twin town, Mainz, to donate £70,000-worth of high-quality equipment.     
in AM, use sister cities     
    identical twin  
    Siamese twin  

conjoined twin     ( conjoined twins    plural  ) Conjoined twins are twins who are born with their bodies joined.      n-count  
identical twin        ( identical twins    plural  ) Identical twins are twins of the same sex who look exactly the same.      n-count   usu pl  
Siamese twin     ( Siamese twins    plural  ) Siamese twins are twins who are born with their bodies joined.      n-count  
twin bed        ( twin beds    plural  ) Twin beds are two single beds in one bedroom.      n-count   usu pl  
twin-bedded      , twin bedded  
A twin-bedded room, for example in a hotel, has two single beds.  
  (mainly BRIT)      adj   ADJ n  

Translation English Cobuild Collins Dictionary  



      n   clone, corollary, counterpart, double, duplicate, fellow, likeness, lookalike, match, mate, ringer     (slang)  
      adj   corresponding, double, dual, duplicate, geminate, identical, matched, matching, paired, parallel, twofold  
      vb   couple, join, link, match, pair, yoke  

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competitive set: a group of other brands offering a similar product or service, to the same consumers
to be likely to do something
banks set to miss lending targets
set of virtual assets belonging to an user
a set of ideas, rules, or beliefs from which something is developed, or on which decisions are based
The educational framework of ISB is much different from the framework (curriculum) where I used to go to school. I do like it though.
set of words and word groups together with their definition, translation, grammar category or usage examples, and which can be searched through an index or a search engine
Arotten apple is a member of a group, or a single element in a set of things, that is bad and likely to corrupt the other people or things in the group
Allusion to the expression "One bad apple spoils the barrel"
A set of one’s web assets, created with the intention of facilitating the transference of online assets and value upon ones death.
something excellent, impressive
E.g.: The concert was a real doozy.
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