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1       adj   A three-dimensional object is solid rather than flat, because it can be measured in three different directions, usually the height, length, and width. The abbreviation 3-D can also be used.  
...a three-dimensional model.     
2       adj   A three-dimensional picture, image, or film looks as though it is deep or solid rather than flat. The abbreviation 3-D can also be used. software, which generates both two-dimensional drawings and three-dimensional images.     
3       adj   If you describe fictional characters as three-dimensional you mean that they seem real and natural.,   (approval)    She emerges as a full, three-dimensional character in a way that few horror genre heroines ever do.     
4       adj   Three-dimensional art or design is produced by carving or shaping stone, wood, clay, or other materials. The abbreviation 3-D can also be used.  
ADJ n  
...a degree in three-dimensional art.     
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one of the three temperaments described by WH Sheldon, characterized by hedonism, conviviality and extroversion.
activity involving dumping a bucket of ice water on your head and challenge other three friends to do so in order to promote awareness of the disease amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) and encourage donations to research.
also called "ice water challenge", viral campaign on social media during July–August 2014


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