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  ( tests    plural & 3rd person present)   ( testing    present participle)   ( tested    past tense & past participle  )
1       verb   When you test something, you try it, for example by touching it or using it for a short time, in order to find out what it is, what condition it is in, or how well it works.  
The drug must first be tested in clinical trials to see if it works on other cancers.      V n  
2       n-count   A test is a deliberate action or experiment to find out how well something works.  
...the banning of nuclear tests.     
3       verb   If you test someone, you ask them questions or tell them to perform certain actions in order to find out how much they know about a subject or how well they are able to do something.  
There was a time when each teacher spent an hour, one day a week, testing pupils in every subject...      V n  
She decided to test herself with a training run in London.      V pron-refl  
4       n-count   A test is a series of questions that you must answer or actions that you must perform in order to show how much you know about a subject or how well you are able to do something.  
Out of a total of 2,602 pupils only 922 passed the test..., She had sold her bike, taken a driving test and bought a car.     
5       verb   If you test someone, you deliberately make things difficult for them in order to see how they react.  
She may be testing her mother to see how much she can take before she throws her out.      V n  
6       n-count   If an event or situation is a testof a person or thing, it reveals their qualities or effectiveness.  
usu sing, oft N of n  
It is a commonplace fact that holidays are a major test of any relationship...     
7       verb   If you are testedfor a particular disease or medical condition, you are examined or go through various procedures in order to find out whether you have that disease or condition.  
usu passive  
My doctor wants me to be tested for diabetes...      be V-ed for n  
Girls in an affected family can also be tested to see if they carry the defective gene.      be V-ed  
8       n-count   A medical test is an examination of a part of your body in order to check that you are healthy or to find out what is wrong with you.  
If necessary X-rays and blood tests will also be used to aid diagnosis...     
9       n-count   A test is a sports match between two international teams, usually in cricket, rugby union, or rugby league.  
    acid test  
    breath test  
    means test  
    litmus test  
    test match  
11    If you put something to the test, you find out how useful or effective it is by using it.  
put sth to the test      phrase   V inflects  
The Liverpool team are now putting their theory to the test...     
12    If new circumstances or events put something to the test, they put a strain on it and indicate how strong or stable it really is.  
put sth to the test      phrase   V inflects  
Sooner or later, life will put the relationship to the test.     
13    If you say that something will stand the test of time, you mean that it is strong or effective enough to last for a very long time.  
stand the test of time      phrase   V inflects  
It says a lot for her culinary skills that so many of her recipes have stood the test of time.     
    to test the waters  

acid test     
Theacid test of something is an important aspect or result that it might have, which allows you to decide whether it is true or successful.      n-sing   the N  
The acid test of a school is `would you send your own children there?'     
aptitude test        ( aptitude tests    plural  ) An aptitude test is a test that is specially designed to find out how easily and how well you can do something.      n-count  
blood test        ( blood tests    plural  ) A blood test is a medical examination of a small amount of your blood.      n-count  
breath test        ( breath tests    plural  ) A breath test is a test carried out by police in which a driver blows into a piece of equipment to show how much alcohol he or she has drunk.      n-count  
Police will conduct random breath tests.     
DNA test        ( DNA tests    plural  ) A DNA test is a test in which someone's DNA is analysed, for example to see if they have committed a particular crime or are the parent of a particular child.      n-count  
  DNA testing      n-uncount  
They took samples from his hair for DNA testing.     
field-test        ( field-tests    plural & 3rd person present)   ( field-testing    present participle)   ( field-tested    past tense & past participle  ) , field test   If you field-test a new piece of equipment, you test it in a real, natural environment.      verb  
We've field-tested them ourselves and are happy that they work.      V n  
litmus test     ( litmus tests    plural  ) If you say that something is a litmus testof something, you mean that it is an effective and definite way of proving it or measuring it.      n-count   usu sing, usu N of/for n  
Ending the fighting must be the absolute priority, the litmus test of the agreements' validity..., The success of wind power represents a litmus test for renewable energy.     
market test        ( market tests    plural & 3rd person present)   ( market testing    present participle)   ( market tested    past tense & past participle  )
1       n-count   If a company carries out a market test, it asks a group of people to try a new product or service and give their opinions on it.     (BUSINESS)  
Results from market tests in the US and Europe show little enthusiasm for the product.     
2       verb   If a new product or service is market tested, a group of people are asked to try it and then asked for their opinions on it.     (BUSINESS)  
The company uses the simulator to market test new designs.      V n  
  market testing      n-uncount  
They learnt a lot from the initial market testing exercise.     
means test        ( means tests    plural  ) A means test is a test in which your income is calculated in order to decide whether you qualify for a grant or benefit from the state.      n-count   usu sing  
pregnancy test        ( pregnancy tests    plural  ) A pregnancy test is a medical test which women have to find out if they have become pregnant.      n-count  
screen test        ( screen tests    plural  ) When a film studio gives an actor a screen test, they film a short scene in order to test how good he or she would be in films.      n-count  
test bed        ( test beds    plural  ) A test bed is a piece of equipment used for testing new machines.      n-count  
test case        ( test cases    plural  ) A test case is a legal case which becomes an example for deciding other similar cases.      n-count  
test match        ( test matches    plural  ) In cricket and rugby, a test match is a one of a series of matches played between teams representing two countries.  
  (BRIT)      n-count   (=test)  
test pilot        ( test pilots    plural  ) A test pilot is a pilot who flies aircraft of a new design in order to test their performance.      n-count  
test run        ( test runs    plural  ) If you give a machine or system a test run, you try it out to see if it will work properly when it is actually in use.      n-count   (=trial run)  
test tube        ( test tubes    plural  ) , test-tube   A test tube is a small tube-shaped container made from glass. Test tubes are used in laboratories.      n-count  
test-tube baby        ( test-tube babies    plural  ) , test tube baby   A test-tube baby is a baby that develops from an egg which has been removed from the mother's body, fertilized, and then replaced in her womb in order that it can continue developing.      n-count  
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is a test process that is performed after the software has been changed in order to verify if the changes didn't affect other software parts
Eddy current Test
Non destructive test method, abreviation in accordance with norm EN4179 or NAS410
Radiographic Test
Non destructive test method, abreviation in accordance with norm EN4179 or NAS410
Penetrate Test
Non destructive test method, abreviation in accordance with norm EN4179 or NAS410
Magnetic Test
Non destructive test method, abreviation in accordance with norm EN4179 or NAS410
Ultrasonic Test
Non destructive test method, abreviation in accordance with norm EN4179 or NAS410
acronym of Lunar Module, little vehicle created especially to move on the moon during XXth century 's space conquest.
tempting someone with promise of reward (an attractive person in general) to reveal information or to test one's partner loyalty, faithfulness : can be for lovers, business partners, espionage
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