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  ( syndromes    plural  )
1       n-count; n-in-names   A syndrome is a medical condition that is characterized by a particular group of signs and symptoms.  
Irritable bowel syndrome seems to affect more women than men...     
    Down's syndrome  
    premenstrual syndrome  
2       n-count   You can refer to an undesirable condition that is characterized by a particular type of activity or behaviour as a syndrome.  
usu sing, usu supp N  
It's a bit like the exam syndrome where you write down everything you know regardless of what has been asked...     

acquired immune deficiency syndrome     
Acquired immune deficiency syndrome is the same as AIDS.      n-uncount  
chronic fatigue syndrome     
Chronic fatigue syndrome is an illness that is thought to be caused by a virus, and which affects people for a long period of time. Its symptoms include tiredness and aching muscles. The abbreviation CFS is often used.      n-uncount   (=ME)  
Down's syndrome     
in AM, usually use Down syndrome     
Down's syndrome is a disorder that some people are born with. People who have Down's syndrome have a flat forehead and sloping eyes and lower than average intelligence.      n-uncount  
economy-class syndrome     
Economy-class syndrome is a serious medical condition caused by blood clots in the legs moving up to the lungs; used especially in connection with long-haul flights.      n-uncount  
Lemon juice can help to prevent economy-class syndrome by improving blood circulation.     
post-viral fatigue syndrome      , post-viral syndrome  
Post-viral fatigue syndrome is a long-lasting illness that is thought to be caused by a virus. Its symptoms include feeling tired all the time and muscle pain.     (MEDICAL)      n-uncount   (=ME)  
premenstrual syndrome     
Premenstrual syndrome is used to refer to the problems, including strain and tiredness, that many women experience before menstruation. The abbreviation PMS is often used.      n-uncount  
About 70% of women suffer from premenstrual syndrome.     
sick building syndrome     
Sick building syndrome is a group of conditions, including headaches, sore eyes, and tiredness, which people who work in offices may experience because the air there is not healthy to breathe.      n-uncount  
Tourette's syndrome   , Tourette syndrome, Tourette's   Tourette's syndrome is a brain disorder that causes the sufferer to make sudden uncontrolled movements and sometimes swear and spit.      n-uncount  
...a Tourette's sufferer     
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feeling of emptiness experienced by parents after the children leave their home
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