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  ( swells    plural & 3rd person present)   ( swelling    present participle)   ( swelled    past tense & past participle)   ( swollen    past participle  )
The forms swelled and swollen are both used as the past participle.     
1       verb   If the amount or size of something swells or if something swells it, it becomes larger than it was before.   (=increase)  
The human population swelled, at least temporarily, as migrants moved south...      V  
His bank balance has swelled by £222,000 in the last three weeks...      V to/by n  
Offers from other countries should swell the force to 35,000.      V n to n  
2       verb   If something such as a part of your body swells, it becomes larger and rounder than normal.  
Do your ankles swell at night?...      V  
The limbs swell to an enormous size.      V to n  
      Swell up means the same as swell., phrasal verb  
When you develop a throat infection or catch a cold the glands in the neck swell up.      V P  
3       verb   If you swellwith a feeling, you are suddenly full of that feeling.  
LITERARY   She could see her two sons swell with pride.      V with n  
4       adj   You can describe something as swell if you think it is really nice.  
INFORMAL   I've had a swell time.     
    groundswell   swell up  
    swell 2  
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1    balloon, become bloated or distended, become larger, be inflated, belly, billow, bloat, bulge, dilate, distend, enlarge, expand, extend, fatten, grow, increase, protrude, puff up, rise, round out, tumefy, well up  
2    add to, aggravate, augment, enhance, heighten, intensify, mount, surge  
3    billow, rise, surge, undulation, wave  
4      (informal)   beau, blade     (archaic)   cockscomb     (informal)   dandy, fashion plate, fop, nob     (slang)   toff     (Brit. slang)  
5      (informal)   de luxe, exclusive, fashionable, grand, plush or plushy     (informal)   posh     (informal, chiefly Brit.)   ritzy     (slang)   smart, stylish  
,       vb   become smaller, contract, decrease, deflate, diminish, ebb, fall, go down, lessen, reduce, shrink, wane  
      adj   common, grotty     (slang)   ordinary, plebeian, poor, run down, seedy, shabby, sordid, tatty, unimpressive, vulgar  

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