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1       adj   Strategic means relating to the most important, general aspects of something such as a military operation or political policy, especially when these are decided in advance.  
usu ADJ n  
...the new strategic thinking which NATO leaders produced at the recent London summit..., The island is of strategic importance to France.     
  strategically      adv  
...strategically important roads, bridges and buildings.     
2       adj   Strategic weapons are very powerful missiles that can be fired only after a decision to use them has been made by a political leader.  
usu ADJ n     (Antonym: tactical)    ...strategic nuclear weapons.     
3       adj   If you put something in a strategic position, you place it cleverly in a position where it will be most useful or have the most effect.  
usu ADJ n  
...the marble benches Eve had placed at strategic points throughout the gardens, where the views were spectacular.     
  strategically      adv   usu ADV -ed  
We had kept its presence hidden with a strategically placed chair.     
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a deliberate and strategic effort to engage one in a donor/investor relationship
[med.] of or relating to the medical consideration of the whole person in the treatment of a disease, not only physically but also taking into account mental and social factors rather than just the symptoms
Ex: That clinic offers a holistic medecine approach to treat both the body and the mind sometimes even using practises from eastern traditions such as meditation or acupuncture.
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