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1       adj   Social means relating to society or to the way society is organized.  
ADJ n  
...the worst effects of unemployment, low pay and other social problems., ...long-term social change., ...changing social attitudes., ...the tightly woven social fabric of small towns., ...research into housing and social policy.     
  socially      adv   ADV adj/-ed  
Let's face it<endash10001drinking is a socially acceptable habit., of the most socially deprived areas in Britain.     
2       adj   Social means relating to the status or rank that someone has in society.  
ADJ n  
Higher education is unequally distributed across social classes..., The guests came from all social backgrounds...     
  socially      adv   usu ADV adj/-ed, also ADV with cl  
For socially ambitious couples this is a problem., ...socially disadvantaged children...     
3       adj   Social means relating to leisure activities that involve meeting other people.  
ADJ n  
We ought to organize more social events...     
  socially      adv   usu ADV with v, also ADV with cl  
We have known each other socially for a long time..., The two groups rarely meet socially...     
4       adj   Social animals live in groups and do things together.  
ADJ n insects like bees and ants.     

anti-social   , antisocial  
1       adj   Someone who is anti-social is unwilling to meet and be friendly with other people.  
...teenagers who will become aggressive and anti-social.     
2       adj   Anti-social behaviour is annoying or upsetting to other people.  
social chapter     
Thesocial chapter is an agreement between countries in the European Union concerning workers' rights and working conditions.      n-sing   the N  
social climber        ( social climbers    plural  ) You describe someone as a social climber when they try to get accepted into a higher social class by becoming friendly with people who belong to that class.      n-count  
That Rous was a snob and a social climber could scarcely be denied.     
social climbing      , social-climbing  
You describe someone's behaviour as social climbing when they try to get accepted into a higher social class by becoming friendly with people who belong to that class.      n-uncount  
All that vulgar social-climbing!     
      Social climbing is also an adjective., adj   ADJ n  
...Leroy's ambitious social-climbing wife.     
social club        ( social clubs    plural  ) A social club is a club where members go in order to meet each other and enjoy leisure activities.      n-count  
social democracy        ( social democracies    plural  )
1       n-uncount   Social democracy is a political system according to which social justice and equality can be achieved within the framework of a market economy.  
...western-style social democracy.     
2       n-count   A social democracy is a country where there is social democracy.  
social democratic     
A social democratic party is a political party whose principles are based on social democracy.      adj   ADJ n  
...relations with the social democratic governments in Europe.     
social housing     
Social housing is housing which is provided for rent or sale at a fairly low cost by organizations such as housing associations and local councils.  
  (BRIT)      n-uncount  
social life        ( social lives    plural  ) Your social life involves spending time with your friends, for example at parties or in pubs or bars.      n-count   with supp, oft with poss  
social order        ( social orders    plural  ) The social order in a place is the way that society is organized there.      n-var  
...the threat to social order posed by right-wing extremists.     
social science        ( social sciences    plural  )
1       n-uncount   Social science is the scientific study of society.  
2       n-count   The social sciences are the various types of social science, for example sociology and politics.  
usu pl  
social scientist        ( social scientists    plural  ) A social scientist is a person who studies or teaches social science.      n-count  
social security     
Social security is a system under which a government pays money regularly to certain groups of people, for example the sick, the unemployed, or those with no other income.      n-uncount  
...women who did not have jobs and were on social security...     
social services     
The social services in a district are the services provided by the local authority or government to help people who have serious family problems or financial problems.      n-plural  
I have asked the social services for help, but they have not done anything.     
social studies  
1       n-uncount   In Britain, social studies is a subject that is taught in schools and colleges, and includes sociology, politics, and economics.  
2       n-uncount   In the United States, social studies is a subject that is taught in schools, and that includes history, geography, sociology, and politics.  
social work     
Social work is work which involves giving help and advice to people with serious family problems or financial problems.      n-uncount  
social worker        ( social workers    plural  ) A social worker is a person whose job is to do social work.      n-count  
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social services
any food, beverage, drug or activity that helps people feel more comfortable in social occasions
Ex: Having an alcohol beverage might be seen as a kind of social lubrificant as so far as it helps some peole overcome their shyness
activity involving dumping a bucket of ice water on your head and challenge other three friends to do so in order to promote awareness of the disease amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) and encourage donations to research.
also called "ice water challenge", viral campaign on social media during July–August 2014
a group selfie ; a picture taken by one person next to other people, usually to share it through social media
[Slang] comes from the combination of "selfie" and "us"
meet people on a chat on Internet or via e-mail or social networks. meet virtually and not physically
a photo of one's suntanned legs usually taken with a smartphone and shared on social media
[Neologism] combination of "legs" and "selfie". Legsies are commonly used to brag about one's vacation
a person who deliberately misleads someone on social media as to their identity
remove someone from the friends list on a social networking website
remove/delete someone from a list of friends or contacts on a social networking website
[informal] Ex: Although he broke up with his girlfriend, he hasn't unfriended her yet.
[med.] of or relating to the medical consideration of the whole person in the treatment of a disease, not only physically but also taking into account mental and social factors rather than just the symptoms
Ex: That clinic offers a holistic medecine approach to treat both the body and the mind sometimes even using practises from eastern traditions such as meditation or acupuncture.
(in neomarxist thought) the second main exploitive social class: The bourgeoisie of formation. The members of the formoisie have human capital, receive high wages (the most frequently thanks to their diplomas) and consume more than the world GDP. (neologism 1993 Yanick Toutain)
[Hum. Sc.] The formoisie is the social class that created social-democracy and stalinism.
(in neomarxist thought) the third main exploitive social class: The bourgeoisie of innovation. The members of the innovoisie have usually human innovating capital. They receive (as individuals) copyrights or patent rights and consume more than the world GDP. (neologism 1996 Yanick Toutain)
posting a picture of one's pet on social media, with a sign describing the animal's wrongdoing
more specific: cat shaming or dog shaming
expression used when referring to someone's profession, background, social class or life experience
E.g: People from all walks of life will participate to the event
a concept relating to internet social media where people interact with each other using online identity generally referred as ‘users’ which collectively describes as virtual public.
[Tech.] online users, online avatars, internet social media public
The attack on computers, networks and interconnected infrastructures with intent to intimidate or coerce a national, international, groups of people or organizations in furtherance of political, social or personal objectives.
[Tech.];[Leg.] The attack on computers, networks and interconnected infrastructures with intent to intimidate or coerce a national, international community.
Cyber extremism is resorting any measure of imposing predetermined ideology using any online platform, beyond the norms of existing common social way of life
[Leg.];[Tech.] basis of cyber terrorism
Cyber extremism is resorting any measure of imposing predetermined ideology using any online platform, beyond the norms of existing common social way of life
[Leg.];[Tech.] basis of cyber terrorism
[child] to be sent to a care organization run by the social services, or to be looked after by foster parents
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