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  ( sittings    plural  )
1       n-count   A sitting is one of the periods when a meal is served when there is not enough space for everyone to eat at the same time.  
Dinner was in two sittings.     
2       n-count   Asitting of a parliament, legislature, court, or other official body is one of the occasions when it meets in order to carry out its work.  
usu N of n   (=session)  
...the recent emergency sittings of the UN Security Council.     
3       adj   A sitting president or member of parliament is a present one, not a future or past one.  
ADJ n  
...the greatest clash in our history between a sitting president and an ex-president.     

sitting duck        ( sitting ducks    plural  ) If you say that someone is a sitting duck, you mean that they are easy to attack, cheat, or take advantage of.  
INFORMAL      n-count   (=sitting target)  
Nancy knew she'd be a sitting duck when she raised the trap door.     
sitting room        ( sitting rooms    plural  ) , sitting-room   A sitting room is a room in a house where people sit and relax.  
  (BRIT)      n-count  
in AM, usually use living room     
sitting target        ( sitting targets    plural  ) A sitting target is the same as a sitting duck.      n-count  
They know they are a sitting target for the press.     
sitting tenant        ( sitting tenants    plural  ) A sitting tenant is a person who rents a house or flat as their home and has a legal right to live there.  
  (BRIT)      n-count  
1.4 million council homes have been sold, mostly to sitting tenants.     
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Area of responsability
attitude or practise whereby a man, either sitting at the table, on a sofa or in public transportation, adopts a spread position notably splaying his legs wide apart in such a way as to encroach on an adjacent seat and deny space to the person sitting or wanting to sit next to him
Ex: I become upset and irritated seeing all that manspreading in the subway and buses during rush hours and more generally by that growing lack of civil vertue everywhere.
1. in a remote area, an area in the countryside that is far from a town or city 2. in a town or city regarded as dull or unsophisticated
[Fig.];[Informal];[Disapproving] Syn.: In the backwoods, in the middle of nowhere.
management by walking/wandering around; it's a form of management based on frequent informal visits to the subordinates'work area and direct interaction with them
a water-storage area making the surrounding region fertile, or providing a city with its water supply.
plastic surgery consisting in removing the fat tissue from the abdominal area
popular term
informal term used to describe the flab in the abdominal area rolling over tight clothes
from the resemblance with a muffin whose top exceeds the margins of the paper it is baked in
name given to the discomfort felt in the abdominal area in situations of stress or anxiety
also known as "butterflies in the stomach" sensation
a government scheme that moves people to a new area (e.g. because a dam is being built where they live)
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