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1       adj   People or things that are reliable can be trusted to work well or to behave in the way that you want them to.  
She was efficient and reliable..., Japanese cars are so reliable.     
  reliably      adv  
It's been working reliably for years.     
  reliability      n-uncount  
He's not at all worried about his car's reliability.     
2       adj   Information that is reliable or that is from a reliable source is very likely to be correct.  
There is no reliable information about civilian casualties...     
  reliably      adv  
Sonia, we are reliably informed, loves her family very much.     
  reliability      n-uncount  
Both questioned the reliability of recent opinion polls.     
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certain, dependable, faithful, honest, predictable, regular, reputable, responsible, safe, sound, stable, staunch, sure, tried and true, true, trustworthy, trusty, unfailing, upright  
   irresponsible, undependable, unreliable, untrustworthy  

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